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  1. Patrick Stewart should so be the next doctor who! :) Also, I made a Star Trek group. Just search for Star Trek in the little search box.
  2. Holy shit! Into darkness is flipping amazing! Also spock and kirk are hot, well shatner and nimoy were too. Not to mention data! :kiss: aaah! Just watched generations movie "open sesame"! Just had history at school, learning about World War Two and in my textbook it's says that Churchill said "Never was so much owed by so many to so few". Made me think of wrath of khan and spocks "death". :( cries my eyes out, more than when darth vader died!
  3. So jealous! I have to see it! yeah, i kinda fancy Zachary Quinto as Spock! and Chris Pine, he's hot too, not to mention William Shatner! can't make my mind up on Leonard Nimoy though. But i did cry on sunday when I saw Spock's death in Wrath Of Khan: "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one!" I love you spock!! :)
  4. Starlight by Muse was played in Waterloo road

  5. I haven't seen into darkness yet!no spoilers! Only got into Star Trek recently; I always preferred Star Wars. But now I live Star Trek! The first ever episode of TOS was in Monday and it was awesome! I got all of season one out of the library. I've only seen Wrath of Khan, First Contact and Star Trek 2009 movies though. I also live the next generation! data is awesome, but not as awesome as kirk and Spock. :)
  6. Yeah uno dos and tre aren't amazing, but 21st century breakdowns pretty good. My favourite is Dookie :)
  7. Star Trek!!! Didn't know where to put this thread so I just put it here. I've only recently got into it, but Star Trek is amazing! I only used to like Star Wars, but I definitely prefer Star Trek now!! I started to watch it because I'd two reasons: the first is that the new movie Into Darkness is out and the second is that I love the Big Bang Theory and Star Trek is often mentioned! The Original Series is my favourite and The Next Generation is my second favourite! Spock and Kirk are my favourite characters, and Data. :) Also one of my friends at school thought Star Trek was re
  8. Woohoo! Im going to see Green Day at the Emirates and agin at Reading festival! Anyone else going? :)
  9. Anyone else think that the bass lines in Green Day's Castaway and Fall Out Boy's Dance, Dance are similar? Here's Dance, Dance: (listen from the beginning) [ame=http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BNnq59O7AkM]Fall Out Boy Dance Dance Lyrics - YouTube[/ame] And here's Castaway: (listen from about 2:26 minutes) [ame=http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s0oR-ciyFAI]Green Day - Castaway - [HQ] - watch in HD! - YouTube[/ame]
  10. This is so sad..... "A Vigil, On Birds and Glass. I woke up this morning still dreaming, or not fully aware of myself just yet. The sun poked through the windows, touching my face, and then a deep sadness overcame me, immediately, bringing me to life and realization- My Chemical Romance had ended. I walked downstairs to do the only thing I could think of to regain composure- I made coffee. As the drip began, in that kind of silence that only happens in the morning, and being the only one awake, I stepped outside my home, leaving the door open behind me. I looked around and began
  11. Yep I totally agree. muse are awesome. So is the 2nd law. people shouldn't be angry about them using dub step. muse introduced it into the right album and the right song! GO MUSE!!!!!
  12. Cool - dire straits! My art teacher played money or nothing on YouTube in a lesson. Aswell as muse!! Lol best lesson ever!
  13. Yep. NO RAP!! Excpet Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and RHCP! :)
  14. do have one. Do you mean an apple account, cause i do have one. do you think my progress will be lost because ive got 13 sims and im on level 23!! took me since xmas!
  15. Oh. Do you know if my game progress on sims freeplay or simpsons tapped out will be lost if i erase and sync my ipod with mynew computer? ive transfered purchases

  16. Oh. Do you know if my game progress will be lost if i erase and sync my ipod with mynew computer? ive transfered purchases

  17. And a dave Grohl: this is a call poster. Which I got free from hmv with the book
  18. Just added to my collection: I've got another 30 seconds to mars one!! :)
  19. Do you have sims freeplay for ipod

  20. Does anyone know if my progress in the sims freeplay will be lost? Because I just got a new computer and because my iPod touch 4th gen is synced with the old computer, and I downloaded sims freeplay is on the old computer, if I choose to restore my ipod, then sync it to the new computer and new iTunes library, will my progress in the game be lost. Same for the simpsons tapped out! :( HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. I don't think green day will spilt anytime soon. Because in the rolling stone interview with billie joe, he was asked if he could imagine green day at 50 years old and 60 years old. Billie joe said yeah keep going! :) Do you have sims freeplay?

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