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  1. If coldplay do actually do that death metal thing then the songs won't hat well, won't get much airplay and will confirm my sad belief that rock music is becoming extinct as there will be no more high charting rock singles!! Oh no. The albums do fine but now all the rock awards are going to ed Sherran (who i do not like!) :( :/ :)
  2. Ok I see your point :) it's annoying now that GDs trilogy wasn't even really pop punk! :( :)
  3. IS THAT TRUE??!! Nooo!!!! I like metal but most of its about deaths me drugs and swearing. How the hell will coldplay manage that :/
  4. Also doesn't contemporary mean "at the same time" or "modern". And Green Day and Coldplay are alive at the same time so I guess that does make them contemporaries of each other. But I only got an A in English, not my best subject. :) :) :D :D
  5. Oh god now! I'm not daying foo fighters are po punk or muse but they're rock which pop punk is part of :)
  6. Because they've done a triple album and the last page of this thread was about double albums! Also they're not too old! Blink 182 are the same age. So are foo fighters. Muse and coldplay are only a couple of years younger than then. So sorry but I don't really get your point. An from the replies I've got when taking about green day were not so good so I guess I'm the only one here go lives green day as well as coldplay!! :( :confused: also green day's previous album was released in 2009 and they were 37 then, which is like one or two years older than Coldplay are now. Most of the singles on gr
  7. Yeah I think Biffy Clyro did a double album. And there was a feature in NME a couple of months back about how double albums are disasters waiting to happen! Not sure I agree though. :/ also Green Day's trilogy was good but I can understand why the singles didn't chart very well. Hmmm.... :)
  8. Thanks :) I read the first link on the seller already but I just wanted to cross check my sources. :) Appreciated
  9. I just created this thread because I've referly come across this eBay seller called king.benny. He sells ton of autographed pictures for about £10. And he does not state that they are re printed or whatever. He says he gets them backstage. I'm not calling him a liar but I just wanna know if its worth me spending money on an autographed pictures of coldplay or is it too good to be true? Thanks in advance. Xx :) Also other ebay related talk is also welcome. :)
  10. Yeah I know. :/ I don't know ALL the lyrics but Wake Me Up When September ends was a massive hit so I just kinda thought everyone knew the lyrics. Oops I guess...
  11. Yep. Happy birthday to billie Joe on Sunday !! Do you find billie joe hot? I do!! LOL :)

  12. Awwww thanks :) lets just say they're both good

  13. It's awesome! Much better than mine :(

  14. Ok. :) Coldplay are on Sky Arts 1 now of you wanna watch it. They're singing Amsterdam. Yeah it really annoys me when people say ColdPlay or Cold Play or like greenday!!! It's really not that hard to spell!!

  15. Yeah Lady GaGa is talented, like Adele. But I still couldn't care less about their music. But that's just my opinion and I don't like their genres
  16. I agree :) it's like, my friends who don't like rock or whatever call Coldplay lame and gay, Green day stupid and scary and Muse weird and ugly!! WTF!!! :/ I'm a middle class white person and I think that Art is something you have to connect with and have a real passion, it's about putting across your ideas and views and kinda how you interpret life and its meanings. Not akout how much money you can make and how auto tuned your voice has to be to sound even vaguely barable.
  17. Yeah I love Billie Joe and by the way there's no hyphen in his name. :) can you post your picture of BJ on here? ;)

  18. Yeah I'm going to a Green Day concert in June so I can't go the Muse or blink-182 concerts. :( oh well. Yeah in a huge Oasis fan but I'm not particularly fond of Liam! :/ I don't mind Blur but I prefer Oasis much more

  19. I really like MCR. How did you feel when Bob Bryar, the drummer, left the band? Also do you like blink-182 and Muse and Oasis? :) I do

  20. Oh, ok. I know its weird them being a quartet, but if Coldplay decided to kick a member out (not that they would) or get, say, a keyboard player for instance would you feel the same?

  21. Cool. I'm gonna see them on June 1st in London. I actually write how many days til the concert on my hand!! Only 107 now! :) LOL

  22. Yeah I kinda agree with that. I think simple lyrics are the best. I myself have only written about 30 songs but all my friends say that the shorter simplistic and sort of less structured ones are best
  23. I don't exactly know what you mean. But I think it's great that they're recognising Jason White but its quite hard I think to adjust to the fact that there's four members now. How about you? I'll have to draw a picture of all FOUR members now! :)

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