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  1. I know this STUPID thing wa probably posted ages ago but I was flicking through the pages on this thread to see if anyone had posted what I was gonna post an if there really was anyone out there who love them as much as me (more than words or pictures can describe) only song can, and GD do that for me. :) xx Getting back to my original point, unless that comment or question or whatever it was was sarcastic then it's pretty darn obvious you shouldn't be I. This thread!! A true GD FAN should know the lyrics to THAT song. If it was a song (not a single) on 39/smooth or a rare demo tape then
  2. Groups!! :) Hey again. I've done a Green Day Appreciation group and one for the Emirates Stadium show too. Join please. :) Also did you all see the message Billie Joe sent on Instagram?
  3. I know right. Sad times. :( they'll get through it though they always do: RAGE AND LOVE xx
  4. And Converse All Star are releasing American Idiot, Dookie, UNO Dos and Tre shoes.i think they are all high tips apart from Dookie which is low top. AND...... BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG IS OUT OF REHAB AND RIP MIKE DIRNT'S MOTHER. :) :(
  5. Does anyone know when the single Xkid will be released? I checked on Wikipedia but I'm not sure if its true or not. Also, it will be on radio on January 22nd!!!"
  6. Anyone going to Green Day's Enirates Stadium gig on June 1st? I'm going to see them there. Can't wait! Is anyone else going too? :) I've done a group for this too. :)
  7. Yeah, on The Gadget Show the two presenters got to create their own apps for Apple or Android platform devices. One if them had state-of-the-art stuff to do it and the other had cheaper stuff.
  8. Lostprophet's Ian Watkins charges When I read this on NME, I couldn't believe my eyes. He seemed like such a nice guy on the CBBC programme 12 Again, and one of my favourite songs (not including Coldplay, Green Day, Muse and blink-182 of course) is probably Rooftops! What are your thoughts? :)
  9. Green Day are doing a 4pm show before my 7pm show at the same venue, does that mean I'd get a better shot at meeting them at the soundcheck for the 4pm show?! Also, do you think that Green Day just won't meet their fans because they don't want to?? Thanks anyway. :)
  10. Oh God, are you going on about that stupid thing Noel Gallagher said about them copying WONDERWALL??!! Because they sound nothing like each other. I mean, I like Noel's music as I really like High Flying Birds and Oasis, but I think he can be a bit of a moron sometimes. :/ Anyway, this thread is MEANT to be about meeting a band, NOT about Billie Joe's recent rehab stint! :(
  11. Do you get given tour guides, setlists, clothes and merchandise at concerts? :) Are the tour guides free?

  12. Do you get given tour guides, setlists, clothes and merchandise at concerts? :) Are the tour guides free?

  13. Ok. Thanks. :) This might sound really stupid, but what does build up a portfolio mean? :confused: :)
  14. Do you guys think it's a good idea for me to consider this career path in the future, or am I just wasting my time?! :( Thanks for all you advice. I just think it would be good for me because music is the only thing I am truly passionate about. This might sound weird, but it is sort of spiritual. Like, in a Religious Studies lesson a couple of weeks back, I was gonna play The Scientist, but I played Wake Me Up When September Ends, by Green Day because more people seemed to like that! :) And when my teacher said that wasn't spiritual, I now do NOT particularly like her now! :D Anyways, i
  15. I don't really know any 2012 albums I like, apart from Green Day's UNO, DOS, TRE, Muse's The 2nd Law and that's probably it. Any suggestions? If not, could I post my reviews of other years? :)
  16. Thankyou. I'll try do some reviews on that thread. :)
  17. thanks. :) we cant do media for GCSE but i think we can in Alevel. Do you think Business studies would help
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