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  1. God almost run out. I would have punched a hole in my TV if Haddin were run out.
  2. Damn it, I need to be going to bed. I have school tomorrow. But I can't leave this game. I want AUS to get the runs before lunch. But I don't think it'll happen.
  3. As the commentator just said, Brad Haddin isn't going down without a fight. 3 boundaries in a row: 4, 4, 4,
  4. Agar's innings was incredible. I just hope it wasn't a fluke. What I mean by a fluke is, he came in as 11th batter to just have a hit. He had no pressure on him really. Now that he was promoted to 8th, and had a much larger responsibility, he had a lot more pressure on him and didn't perform. In saying that, I hope he does perform well in the future because it was indeed a great innings.
  5. 15 degrees and chance of rain. Cold as. I just saw on the news England (I think it was England, if it wasn't it was somewhere in the UK) had 31 degrees and the beaches were packed. And the railway lines were breaking because they were too hot. Our beaches would be empty on a day of 31 degrees. :P
  6. Woke up to see the mid order has collapsed overnight D: The tail needs to perform now.
  7. Ohh ohh yeahhh! Ohh ohh yeahhh! Everythings not lost. Come on yeahhh! Ohh ohh yeahh! Come on yeahhh! Everythings not lost.
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