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  1. GHOST STORIES is now available for pre-order on the Australian iTunes store. MAGIC is also available to be purchased.
  2. At the moment it appears to be only available on the US iTunes. Hopefully soon it will be available at others!
  3. Jayden


    Songs grow on me. Some of my favourite songs weren't appealing the first time I heard them, for example, Politik. Songs grow on me.
  4. Coldplay have changed the media on the homepage to Christmas Lights! Oh yes, it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
  5. Damn I missed out! Oh well. Congratulations BiggerStronger! :) And thanks for doing that, very nice of you.
  6. So they played Atlas and GPASUYF? :OO
  7. So they did play ETIAW after all. Anchorman didn't tweet it did he?
  8. True. Didn't think about that.
  9. Maybe they'll close with Atlas?
  10. Damn my prediction was wrong.
  11. This has got to be the earliest we've seen Fix You!
  12. I'm glad to hear they didn't start with MX/HLH. It means it's going to be different! I really want to hear something we don't usually hear!
  13. Sounds like Coldplay will be on shortly. Get excited everyone! I wonder if they'll open with the usual? Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven?
  14. Sorry if this has been answered before but does anyone know what time Coldplay will be on stage? On the website for tickets it says the event is at 7:00pm. So Coldplay at 9:00pm do you think?
  15. My 2013 has been crazy, and I can't wait until it's over. Held my first job throughout the whole year. Completed grade 11 with good marks. Been a nicer person overall to everybody. A lot of my friends have changed for the worst, and I have lost the majority of my friends this year. My sister was diagnosed with cancer. Witnessed through the whole year exactly what living with cancer is like - the ups and the downs. The things people don't mention about it. The uncertainty, the frustration, the worry, the fear. The family fights. People talking to you differently. People being too scar
  16. I just want something so I don't completely miss out! I'm sure I'll get to see some sort of footage/audio/video. :D
  17. Damn it that sucks about it not being live streamed. NO NO NO. :( Someone pleaseeee record it?! :D
  18. I really hope they do a livestream so I can watch it real-time!
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