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  1. Jayden

    Ghost Story

    This song is on replay..
  2. Jayden

    Ghost Story

    I think it's my favourite from the album.
  3. Jayden

    Ghost Story

    I absolutely LOVE Ghost Story!!!
  4. I can't believe they released the whole thing. It's absolutely amazing
  5. Jayden

    True Love

    The lyrics to this look amazing. I can't handle any of this. I'm so busy with school and all this Coldplay stuff is happening all at once, I can't deal with it. HELP ME.
  6. 1. Another's Arms 2. Magic 3. A Sky Full of Stars 4. Always in my head 5. Midnight 6. Oceans It's too hard I love them all!!!!!
  7. This whole performance sounded great. Stupid Australian timezones, I missed it. I'll hopefully hear it later.
  8. Just heard A Sky Full of Stars. Wow! It's great, I really like it! It's definitely not for everyone though. You guys weren't kidding when you said it sounded very EDMish! I definitely think this song will be a radio hit. I'm so eager to hear GS in it's entirety.
  9. I'm not sure where Ghost Stories will rank in regards to the other albums. I think I already like it better than Mylo Xyloto. I'm not sure it will beat AROBTTH and X&Y (My two favourites), but then again, from reading this thread it seems a lot of people don't favor X&Y too much. As the date gets closer, I'm getting more and more excited! I can't wait.
  10. Sad there is no Australian dates, but I expected that. I'm just happy there are live shows!!!
  11. I don't mind the lyrics. This is my favourite song so far.
  12. This sucks. It made the 6 o clock news in Australia, and I hated seeing every second of it. Come on love... Stay with me...
  13. Thank you :D (So far) I've liked the sound of Magic live!
  14. Is there a version of Magic anywhere yet? Keen to hear it live.
  15. What an amazing event, I love both new songs especially "Another's Arms"
  16. Does anyone know how long they will play for? Unfortunately it looks like I'll miss the whole thing :(
  17. I'm sure it's been mentioned before, and sorry if it has. But advertisements? I know, they are annoying. I'm not sure what the site owner's views on running advertisements are... Some people are completely against it, some not. But if it meant keeping the site going it's a good idea. I'm sure we would all endure the advertisements if it meant Coldplaying was still around. I'm not even sure - the site might already have ads - I wouldn't know because I'm running Adblock. And that is the next thing I was going to mention. Yes, a lot of people use adblock, but people would be willing to dis
  18. I guess you can't really take a poll seriously, there are always going to be tonnes of people who just go to one end of the scale or the other.
  19. I'm only 16 and I'm somehow old fashioned, lol. It's so much better to have a hard copy! :P
  20. I haven't pre-ordered on iTunes yet. I can't decide if I should or not. I'd would so much prefer having a physical hard copy. Anybody else not pre-ordering on iTunes for that reason?
  21. Wow! Thanks for pointing that out. It was in front of us all along. :D
  22. OMG. I knew something was up when about 10 - 15 minutes ago I tried http://www.coldplay.com/site.php and I got a 404 not found. They were obviously updating it. The new site looks AMAZING!
  23. I think you are on to something Tash! Chris wouldn't get that Tattoo if it didn't mean all that much. That's gotta be a link.
  24. Jayden


    Full song for those who can't buy it: [video=youtube;EBDI4h83VHg]
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