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  1. So Princess of China is better than say... Viva la Vida? Ok. My list goes a little something like: 10. Hurts Like Heaven 9. White Shadows 8. Don't Panic 7. Shiver 6. Amsterdam 5. Clocks 4. The Scientist 3. Yellow 2. Viva la Vida 1. Fix You That list is the songs popularity combined with my personal liking for the song. :D
  2. That really sucks. Thats all I can say. I'm sorry.
  3. Well done! I'm so tempted to buy tickets even though I'm in Australia. They are just sitting there waiting to be bought.
  4. If I didn't live on the otherside of the world and was able to buy tickets, I think I would be sick right about now. The thought of having 5 minutes to correctly buy tickets to the best band in the world is just nerve wracking.
  5. I am really excited for this, and I wish all of you who are trying to get tickets the best of luck. I wonder what sort of set they will play, will be really interesting to see. If I heard Christmas Lights again I would die. PLEASE!
  6. I think the first song I heard was Yellow. But I didn't know it was by Coldplay. The first song that truely got me in to Coldplay though was Viva la Vida.
  7. I just finished watching. I started a month ago and I'm done. Best TV series I've ever seen.
  8. We're part of the human race and All of the stars and the outer space We're part of the system plan Lately I just feel like I'm part of the same system/cycle. I do the same thing day in, day out, and I feel like everybody is the same. It's all just a big long cycle. :o
  9. WHAT IF! Can't stop listening to it... Especially live.
  10. I love it, and its growing on me more and more every time I listen to it. A lot like X&Y style IMO. 9/10!
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