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  1. 1. Photoshop (thinking about what would be a good theme for a starter sig) 2. Cramming (It's already midnight, yet I have not started any of the stuff I should be doing.)
  2. I would say, alt rock in general. Mga local alt rock at soft rock bands natin, underground na lang yata. Uh... mag-ipon ka na rin ng pamasahe palabas ng bansa. Sad to say, malabo silang pumunta dito. Oo, nangangarap din akong mapanood sila nang live, pero... Napapakamot ako sa ulo dahil sa mainstream music ng mga Pinoy. Personally, I hate those K-pop/Hip-hop/R&B/whatnot songs na nauuso ngayon.
  3. No. (Because there's nothing for me to feel?) Fine Arts or Mathematics?
  4. Kung magkaroon man ng Asian tour sana idamay nila ang Pilipinas. Kaso sa tingin ko, malabo. Masyado kasing malayo ang mainstream music dito kumpara sa music style ng Coldplay (and any other Britpop/Alt rock musicians). Madalas East Asian countries ang dinadalaw ng Coldplay.
  5. False. The next poster plays any Japanese/Korean rhythm game.
  6. Muse - Take a Bow Black Holes and Revelations marathon
  7. Clocks (because another year was stripped away from my time)
  8. When you're tired of racing and you find you never left the start Come on, baby, don't let it break your heart ... Don't Let It Break Your Heart feeds on my intestines and conquers my ears tonight.
  9. News about NoKor having a Twitter account isn't new to me. In NoKor, only the government is allowed to have access to the Worldwide Web. Or at least that's what I know. The question about NoKor actually liking/loving Coldplay is striking, though. Way too striking.
  10. Now that you mention it ... Hahaha you're right. The video being sort of related to car crashes ... Ironic, it is.
  11. 1. Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends (if DAAHF wasn't included in the pair, AROBTTH would assume first place) 2. A Rush of Blood to the Head 3. X&Y
  12. 4. The Scientist - Coldplay The Scientist is, around, 75 bpm, right?
  13. Paint your skin yellow and color your eyes green (contact lens?). Walk around the scenic spring roads of Japan and watch couples under the reign of love happily pass by. Who knows you might find the princess of China in a vacation to Japan basking in its beauty? If so, try to befriend her, or at least until the night, and take the chance to sing her the Chinese Sleep Chant before you bid her goodnight. If you find yourself in trouble, don't panic. Stay calm and remember that such pain hurts just like heaven, especially after your find your way out. And if you need help badly, worry not, becaus
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