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  1. Selling two floor seats for Edmonton on Sept. 27 for face value!! Please message me if interested
  2. Hey y'all. I was wondering whats the best way to try and get into the intro video for the concerts with seats. Like no one will be lining up, so how do they select whos gonna be in the video?
  3. Glass of Water A yellow traffic diamond is a ____.
  4. Round 1: Square One vs. MX / Hurts Like Heaven Round 2: What If vs. Paradise Round 3: White Shadows vs. Charlie Brown This was the hardest one Round 4: Fix You vs. Us Against the World Round 5: Talk vs. M.M.I.X. Round 6: X & Y vs. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall Round 7: Speed of Sound vs. Major Minus Round 8: A Message vs. U.F.O. Round 9: Low vs. Princess of China Round 10: The Hardest Part vs. Up In Flames Round 11: Swallowed In the Sea vs. A Hopeful Transmission Round 12: Twisted Logic vs. Don't Let It Break Your Heart Round 13: Till Kingd
  5. Hello everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome :D
  6. I've heard of coldplaying from people on tumblr but I've finally decided to join! I wanted to be more involved in the fandom :D So hello everyone my name is Tamara! I started liking Coldplay on new years of last year when my friend got me Mylo Xyloto as a present! :)
  7. I listened to Fix You (vocals only) and just Chris' voice is enough to move me and make me cry
  8. Community 3x19 It's such a hilarious show, I love it so much!
  9. I've never been to a concert :( But I'm going to an Imagine Dragons concert in March! :D
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