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  1. Music of the Spheres ( the intro ) has such a Mylo Xyloto vibe ... And Human Heart really reassures me with the tone of the record.
  2. Wooow what was this ?? I hear some Everyday Life x Jacob Collier vibes ♥
  3. The Scientist vs Death and all his friends
  4. Greaaaat !! I would like to put my profile name in Kaotica form in the signature but i don't know how we do it
  5. Viva la Vida vs Violet Hill
  6. Glass of water vs How you see the world
  7. One week has passed and I just can't stop listening to this song... Real banger.
  8. I didn't see any topic on the MX reprises by Jon Hopkins that we can hear during the Live 2012 DVD. They are really wonderful and capture the essence of the Mylo Xyloto era, which is their most magical and the one I fell in love with. I share with you some of the tracks.
  9. No I don't mind that at all because : - There is one Mylo Xyloto, not two. A Head Full of Dreams is a really different record but i don't know if you listened to both albums. - Mylo Xyloto is one of my favourites records of the band because it is an excellent pop album with a really unique atmosphere. Pop isn't necessarily a bad thing, i know that's can be a hard thing to believe but that's the truth. You know I am kind of surprised that Coldplaying topics have always been peaceful and respectful, even though the band's music has changed a lot for the last ten years. I understa
  10. I guess i'm used to it now because they've done this quite often since MX ... so the frustration is short. This song will be a perfect opener for future Coldplay lives ♥
  11. Now we can f*cking talk !! Jonny's guitar on the verses and at the end makes all the difference ...
  12. I agree with kcp ! First i thought that Church was a nice song but forgettable, turns out to be a song i listen very often now. Incredible harmonies and vocal line.
  13. Well, I wouldn't want Coldplay to release a second Everyday Life 2 years after because i needed something more joyful and bright to be honest haha. I think Higher Power is a better pop-lead single than Orphans and AOAL. ETIAW is still top 1 to me but i really like it so far.
  14. What about the album announcement ? lol
  15. Yeah feels like a mix between Hurts like Heaven and Birds
  16. The video is so cool ! The song ... I don't know yet. I was waiting for an explosion and ... no. But let's see after few listens.
  17. Results Average scores and album ranking: 1. A Rush Of Blood To The Head 8.14 2. Viva la Vida 7.92 3. Mylo Xyloto 7.90 4. Everyday Life 7.85 5. Parachutes 7.72 6. Ghost Stories 7.36 7. X & Y 6.96 8. A Head Full Of Dreams 5.72 All-time top scored album songs (9 or higher a.k.a dream setlist): 1. Politik (10) 2. MX/Hurts like Heaven (10) 3. Warning Sign (9.5) 4. Yellow (9.5) 5. Fix you (9.5) 6. The Scientist (9.5) 7. A Rush Of Blood To The Head (9.5) 8 Every Teardrop is a Wat
  18. I think we all have to consider the fact that Coldplay has changed since 2010. Those stadium-pop songs are now part of their identity because it was a choice they made a decade ago, or even with Viva la Vida. Imo, i like the fact that they made Everyday Life before because it reminds us that they still have this melancolic-soft rock vibe in their roots. They just chose to explore new horizons and I can't blame them for that. My two favorites albums are AROBTTH and Mylo Xyloto, I'm lucky to love both sides of their music ... But please if you're unhappy, remain respectful with their choic
  19. Blinding Lights is not Bohemian Rhapsody but it's still a great song, better than a lot of hits we're hearing. And the production seems a lot better than Stargate with AHFOD.
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