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  1. So.. after a week of listenings, here we are : Top / Very good Coloratura - Human Heart - Infinity Sign - Higher Power ( surprisingly ) Good / Average Humankind - People of the Pride Not for me Let Somebody Go - Biutyful - My Universe
  2. Trouble in Town vs People of the Pride
  3. I think everything has already been told ... Music of The Spheres is not Coldplay's best record for sure. It's also the first time I don't take a Coldplay album as a whole and I know it goes with the " one song for one sphere " idea but ... I don't feel it. The band has always been so minutious with the atmosphere of their other eras that I can't help feeling something a bit too bland and neutral. It doesn't mean the songs are bad : Human Heart, Infinity Sign and of course Coloratura sound really amazing to me. Maybe the problem comes of the way they thought about it at the beginning : i
  4. Haha thanks ! You mean that's Jon favourite track of the band too ? Didn't know that !
  5. @kupiz I always thought that Mylo Xyloto was an album made by a depressed person who suddenly discovers happinness ( Chris ? ) ... and his happiness is as strong as was his sadness before. That must be false but I like that idea.
  6. @thomasPh I guess that will be the case for MOTS Vol II ? If they keep going with the logic of one experimental record + one album for world tours each time.. ( GS + AHFOD, EL + MOTS )
  7. Let Somebody Go is a little diamond imo... That's the Coldplay I want to hear at least once in every album. You know, when Chris sings you simple things with simple chords but it touches your soul more than anything.
  8. This is the first time I cannot attach a particular sound on a Coldplay album. Yet I find different identities in every song... I think that's what they wanted to do with MOTS. Maybe their most eclectic album in its influences : I hear some VLV, some MX, some Ghost Stories too... But anyway I still hear Coldplay ♥
  9. It's that Coldplay ballad we always love to hear ... with a really nice buildup at the end. I won't say more !
  10. Just tell Gandalf we want it now ( lord of the rings was shot in NZ )
  11. Just give us the leak please I'm gonna explode I'll buy the album twice promise
  12. Almost the whole song ! That's quite something !!
  13. I think I like My Universe more than HP as a radio-friendly song. The chorus is very catchy and the ending is really fun. Nice atmospheric sound near the end as well ! Flawless production by the way... and that point makes this song already better than every single from AHFOD imo..
  14. This is the whole point of the record : one style for one planet. It's a smart move because it allows them to explore a lot of music and keep an identity to their album.
  15. The chorus is really catchy Really really catchy So Chris put it 284839484 times haha
  16. Openers Politik MX/Hurts Like Heaven Don't Panic Always in my head Sunrise A Head full of Dreams Square One Life in Technicolor Higher Power Closers Amsterdam Coloratura Death and all his friends Fly On / O Everything's not lost Everyday Life Up with the birds Til Kingdom Come Up and Up
  17. I just can't stop listening ... to the point I count with Coloraturas lol Like right now it's 2 Coloraturas before dinner
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