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  1. This is quite exciting ! I really hope it will sound more like MX than AHFOD. MX is probably my favourite era, I think it succeeded where AHFOD failed in terms of atmosphere and sound. I'm counting on you guys 🥳
  2. Parachutes: Yellow / Parachutes AROBTTH: Politik X&Y: Fix You VLVODAAHF: Strawberry Swing MX: MX/Hurts Like Heaven Ghost Stories: Midnight AHFOD: A Head Full of Dreams Everyday Life: Arabesque / When i need a friend
  3. Life In Technicolor vs. Sunrise Cemeteries Of London vs. Church Lost! vs. BrokEn 42 vs. Trouble In Town Lovers In Japan vs. Daddy Reign Of Love vs. WOTW/POTP Yes vs. Arabesque Chinesse Sleep Chant vs. When I Need A Friend Viva La Vida vs. Orphans Violet Hill vs. Guns Strawberry Swing vs. Èkó/Cry Cry Cry/Old Friends Death And All His Friends vs. Champion Of The World The Escapist vs. Everyday Life ( both ) VLV : 7 EL : 7 lol Let's say it that way : 1. Sunrise 2. VLV 3. Sunset
  4. So ... what can i say about this album that hasn't been already said ? I don't want to think about ranking it or comparing it with other records because the identity of Everyday Life tells you not to do it. Watching Sunrise this morning, alone in my student bedroom, reminded me why i love this band. This band came to me 8 years ago with the joy of Mylo Xyloto which helped me and still help me to keep smiling in the darkest moments. The same year, i bought a keyboard to play their songs and from that moment, i began to compose my own songs. Everyday Life reminded me WHY i should thank th
  5. Would have loved a little tour with like 15-20 dates in little arenas ...
  6. Hey guys Sometimes i try to play and sing a little bit Heres a cover of parachutes..
  7. WOTW/POTP takes another dimension live. Sounds like Bob Marley on a Caribbean beach. Stunning.
  8. This is more than music ... Coldplay is more than music. What an unbelievable performance. The sun is rising at home and i've never felt so alive for a long time. Best band of this fucking century.
  9. It's really cool but Trouble in Town comes just after so i skip it quite often haha
  10. My personal EL record with my favorites in bold. My top 3 would be Arabesque / Eko / Everyday Life ... today. May change tomorrow haha : 1. Sunrise 2. Trouble in Town 3. Broken 4. Daddy 5. Arabesque 6. When i need a friend 7. Orphans 8. Eko 9. Bani Adam 10. Champion of the world 11. Everyday Life
  11. That was not easy to watch ... Beautiful, really beautiful.
  12. I just want to sleep for the next 48 hours and wake up just for the show
  13. Look at him and his beautiful fake hair
  14. I'm trying 1. AROBTTH 2. MX 3. Parachutes 4. VLV - Everyday Life 5. X&Y 6. GS 7. AHFOD
  15. I am drunk right now This will be tonight my first listening of EL being drunk ... And i think it is rhe best wauy to judge an album.
  16. I can't wait to buy the album and listen to it in my car. It's usually in the car that i can really tell my feeling about a music haha
  17. I have a strange feeling after 2 or 3 listenings ... I think this is by far their darkest album. Maybe i was used to hear more joyful sounds after 10 years but this one is really heavy. Great but heavy.
  18. I listened to it but i agree with Coeurli anyway. I'd never have listened to it if i wasn't sure to buy the album DAY ONE !
  19. I'll write a complete review after its official release but this is the Coldplay who reminds you to be a good person. This is the Coldplay who allows you to be an adult with a child's soul. This is the Coldplay we all love because they don't divide, they don't condemn. This is the same Chris Martin who told us 20 years ago that we live in a beautiful world, yeah we do, yeah we do. Thank you.
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