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  1. Sorry double post but wtf is this ??? Coldplayxtra on Twitter => Chris: “Right now I live in fear of being told off by Phil, who’ll be like ‘you shouldn’t have told anybody about that, we’re gonna surprize people’ - but if you like extremely heavy death metal jazz fusion, you’re going to like what we’re doing” PopCrush
  2. So we know that something will be divided in three parts. We also saw Chris running in the end of the video. Could it be a short movie with three music videos ? And the second part could be ... The Race ? Let me dream 😂
  3. I'm not worried to see them explore new horizons but BTS is a band with a huge fanbase and that can be quite scary. I'm afraid that it could break the peaceful atmosphere of Coldplay fanbase...
  4. Midnight vs Life in Technicolor
  5. Always in my head vs A Message
  6. Human Heart is so beautiful and it sounds like a perfect closer for MOTS : after having travelled through space, we come back to humanity.
  7. Music of the Spheres ( the intro ) has such a Mylo Xyloto vibe ... And Human Heart really reassures me with the tone of the record.
  8. Wooow what was this ?? I hear some Everyday Life x Jacob Collier vibes ♥
  9. The Scientist vs Death and all his friends
  10. Greaaaat !! I would like to put my profile name in Kaotica form in the signature but i don't know how we do it
  11. Viva la Vida vs Violet Hill
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