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  1. Yeah, I've been playing with the tack piano the most.
  2. [email protected] ; I would greatly appreciate it if I had these samples
  3. However, when I was watching the live version, Chris had a capo on the 4th fret
  4. Has anyone figured out the chords and or tabs for Ink?
  5. Didn't I say don't quote me?
  6. Now don't quote me on this but, I think that the itunes where the user got this from, accidentally leaked the song and then itunes fixed it even though he still has it
  7. So, it is now Tuesday, and this song is still not on iTunes in the United States EST
  8. dleonard

    2015 LP7???

    I hope that LP7 will be something similar to Atlas even though it was used for a movie
  9. You are correct about the last few seconds and the beginning only has about one or two seconds off of the music video,
  10. 1. Magic-Coldplay 2. Everything's Not Lost-Coldplay 3. Us Against The World-Coldplay 4. Death and All His Friends-Coldplay 5. Hark! The Harold Angels Sing-Vice Guaraldi Trio 6. Let's Go Blue!-UofM Marching Band 7. Viva La Vida-Coldplay 8. 42-Coldplay 9. Für Elise-Vince Guaraldi Trio 10. Life in Technicolor II-Coldplay
  11. So does anyone have the official Atlas sheet music?
  12. We Never Change Green Eyes Low Chinese Sleep Chant U.F.O.
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