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  1. I know they have chords, but I'm looking for tabs specifically, and to my knowledge there are no tabs, just chords. EDIT: Never mind I found something, not sure how accurate it is though, it's weird I've never seen it before when looking. https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/c/coldplay/glass_of_water_tab.htm
  2. I first heard Speed of Sound when it was a cover on one of the Kidz Bop CD's (which is a horrible cover), however I didn't know at the time that it was Coldplay. Fast forward to 2011, during the beginning of my Freshman year of high school, I took a beginning course for piano and around the same time our high school jazz band was going to play an original arrangement of Paradise. The piano player in the jazz band was also in the same class as I was and he would practice and play other Coldplay songs such as The Scientist, Clocks, etc. So I decided to look up Coldplay on YouTube and I had in
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has or could tab out Glass of Water based off of this video, because just about every "tab" out there is mostly just chords
  4. You would be correct, it's not a melody/vocal hybrid, because it is a literal note for note transcription. Unfortunately, I also couldn't find any digital versions though, it's a shame however, I have already ordered a paperback copy
  5. Hey guys, so I found this today, yes this is what you think it is, there's only 12 songs though, however there's a sample of Amsterdam and it's pretty damn accurate [MEDIA=amazon]1495010341[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1495010341/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=
  6. I'm asking because there is a video of Chris and Jonny playing it live and this video is like the only good quality video of Jonny playing it. All of the guitar tabs on any tab website is just not accurate and I was wondering if anyone here can tab it out using this video:
  7. If it's this year, I'm guessing sometime in October or November. If it's not this year, I'm guessing either sometime in either February or March of 2016.
  8. I think it looks like a danelectro guitar, no clue what model it is though
  9. Do you think one of those songs will be played for years to come because it will be that great? Ya know kind of like Yellow?
  10. Wow, just about 10 years later and I have some news if anyone see this. Most if not all of the songs from Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head are tuned a little bit sharp. If you use a reference an A note is usually equal to 440Hz. On the albums however, A will equal 446Hz which i believe is translates to 24 or 25 cents sharp. I found out this information here: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/good-news-channel/654533-all-coldplay-fans-piano-tuning-found.html Cheers!
  11. Does anyone know the settings? Type of delay? Anything?
  12. Sounds nice, what are your amp settings?
  13. You're welcome! I'm just trying to spread correct information! :D
  14. I'd like to chime in here, for Fix You the BPM is actually 138 which is 69 doubled. I only know this because if you listen to them play Fix You live at the BBC in 2008 you can hear Will count in with his drum sticks.
  15. I think I found an accurate version for the chords and tabs for Ink! http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/c/coldplay/ink_ver6_crd.htm I tested them out and is sound accurate!
  16. Does anyone know Chris's chords and tuning for Magic?
  17. Ep 3: [video=youtube;CVV6Qgv3WWs] I make an appearance in this one
  18. So my friends and I have made a little web series called Game of Bros. There's a new episode out every Sunday. I was wondering if you guys could check is out? Ep 1:[video=youtube;uCbydGaXqkA] Ep 2: [video=youtube;NRrvPcr1DgE]
  19. I have on little thing to add to this, if you watch him play this live you can see during the chorus that he plays: e|--15 B|--11 G|--12 e|--13 B|--10 G|--10 e|--15 B|--13 G|--12 Which are the chords; Gm, F, and C
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