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  1. Does anyone know if there was a date deadline on submitting an Orphans clip? I have not a had a chance at all but I have a small window in about 2 hours. Do you think it'll still be worth it?
  2. Speaking of that clip they just posted in instagram, I find it interesting that there is a keyboard there. I have a feeling we might see some of this 'garden performance' in the future?
  3. Even though I don't mind a bit of swearing in songs, I'm glad they are also releasing a clean version of the album, to still keep it family friendly as well. I wonder if the clean version will go on Spotify or not?
  4. Probably because the #1 song on there is Fix You and that might bring the vibe down a bit
  5. I haven't listened to any Coldplay in a while in anticipation for the new release but its kinda nice going through the number ones as a good build up!
  6. I’m absolutely loving what I’m hearing! Just hoping we don’t get the same thing that happened when AOAL came out, where we thought they’d be going a bit more rock with the guitar and drums but then went poppy... hopefully it isn’t just a sample section before or after a normal pop song. But I’m pretty convinced it won’t be
  7. Good to hear radio stations have it and have heard it! What station was this?
  8. Since they have made their facebook photo post to look like it was posted in 1919, I wonder if they will do the same on their streaming services. Like when the album drops on Spotify, date it back to 1919. It would look really weird (and also be awesome) but they could probably do that if they really wanted to (also so glad to be back on this site for the past week after being in hibernation for a few years :grinning:)
  9. All your friends they, ride into the sunset
  10. Just got to see the film! (Perks of living in Australia) I don't want to give anything away but I did love it! It was so wonderful, I laughed, smiled and cried And to anyone who is worried about the swearing, I took my mum too who loves Coldplay but really hates swearing and yes there were f bombs throughout and 2 c bombs but my mum was actually fine with it. Because it shows it was at their lowest points and much younger so it kinda fitted contextually.
  11. Yeah I think it would has to do with Chris wanting to showcase young performers/lesser known artists rather than a recording studio. You'd think if it was a recording studio or anything for the band, it would be purchased by all of them, not just Chris
  12. How exciting!! I hope they are right. I just want an official announcement or a trailer or an album cover, just something to get me super hyped!
  13. I wonder what that's all about... I know they are allowed to have dinner together but I just thought it might be a bit of a weird pairing with 3/4 of the band, with Chris' ex wife and his son? I guess they are just catching up
  14. So what do we think? Does this have something to do with the live film? I have a feeling it does. He has even pinned it and made it his cover photo! [MEDIA=twitter]977318318716653568[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/MatWhitecross/status/977318318716653568
  15. I am hoping that the reason they are taking this long is because they are creating a really awesome tour diary documentary or even a documentary of the band's whole life together, to go along with the release. And maybe its taking a while to put together old footage, remastering old footage, interviews with people? That is all I can hope for anyway! :P
  16. To me the new update from Mat seems quite odd. You would think that as the director, he would already have a vision of how he would want it to look... So I guess he either genuinely hasn't decided on that yet or he's just keeping things secret
  17. Well that is an incredibly disappointing update... This live release is never coming :sob:
  18. Even though it's great we know answers that "final cut" is a programme, I'm still quite upset and annoyed that it doesn't mean that it is the "final cut" of the editing process which is what I had thought :oops:
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