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  1. Sadly, the Super Bowl is a good opportunity for Coldplay to get more promo, especially if they release LP7 early next year or even somehow, late this year. I'm pretty sure if given the opportunity, they would take it. I'm not really a big fan on the "paying to play" portion, though.
  2. So excited for Agent Carter!! Does anyone know if there will be a panel to promote the show at SDCC? Planning on going to SDCC next year as that's when Captain America 3 will start their promo run and they'll all most likely be there. STOKED
  3. Okay, so with very little convincing I've decided to change my trip dates so I can go to NYC and hopefully meet him while I walk around. MWAHAHAHHA EDIT: Change of plans...won't be going until late August as originally planned. The friend I would be staying with is going to be out of the country on the 5th. :bigcry: :bigcry: :bigcry: I am so sad :(
  4. I've been really peeved ever since I found out, because I'm going to NYC for a week again.....on August 17th. :| Does anyone think he'll stay there all August or no? Or at least until I get there? :laugh3:
  5. Jonny is marrying Chris and moving to Exeter as we type (assuming spouses also get the benefits).
  6. I wish I had more time to come on here. It feels like I haven't been on here in weeks, probably because I haven't. I hate work :/ But I'm 19 now! Amazing :D
  7. I definitely agree with that one! The day the video was released I was watching the video like "what in the heck is this garbage.....?!" but now it's one of my favourite songs by them. I lost my shit and damn nearly cried when they played it at my GS tour gig, so thinking back to the moment I first listened, I can't believe I had so much disdain for it! :laugh3:
  8. Yeah, I've definitely seen some people getting riled up. I don't understand the problem with not liking an album. I dislike a few of albums by the bands I listen to! :laugh3: But on the topic of my hopes for LP7, I do hope that they work more with Jon Hopkins...to me, Midnight is beautiful...and trust me, it took a while for it to grow on me :laugh3: But I hope they make some similar sounding songs (in reference to the slow synth-y feel of Midnight). Other than that I would love an album with some orchestral sounds.
  9. In no way was I trying to be rude. I was just saying from what I've gone through with Coldplayer friends they didn't end up staying away for long. I can't imagine (and have never seen) a Coldplayer who was so thoroughly invested in the band would actually stop liking them because of one album. Sorry if I didn't elaborate enough, but it was all meant in jest.
  10. :stunned: I've heard a lot of people saying they're "done" with Coldplay after GS and didn't want to see them on the GS tour but went anyways. Good luck with being done :laugh3:
  11. Happy birthday! I hope your day was amazing! My 19th is tomorrow, it seems like everyone's birthday is this week :laugh3:
  12. Love this, so interesting to see what country all my Coldplayer friends are from! Thanks!!
  13. Same. Was told that the CGYOOMH collab was horrible, and that Chris seemed a bit "disconnected"...going to listen to a few songs now and then come back and make a decision on whether I agree/disagree. EDIT: Listened to CGYOOMH....I'm pretty neutral on it. Wasn't horrible, but wasn't mind-blowing either...I'm in the middle. Chris seemed like he was so tired though. I did really love Jonny's solo however! Glasto version was better all around IMO But it still gave me nostalgia to singing it as a kid in the car :laugh3:
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