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  1. I think we all know that MOTS will be an album, but I wonder how they will release music during this era. Gorillaz for example just did that "Song Machine" series where they collaborated with a bunch of artists and released EP's that eventually were put into one album, or "season" like a TV show. There's also precedent for Coldplay releasing songs that don't make the next album (Atlas, Moving to Mars, Goldrush). I wonder if the MOTS era will have more to offer than just the singles and albums. At this point, HP (as Kaotica) and Human Heart, and the MOTS intro seem very likely for the alb
  2. I'm not sold on the BTS collab yet. Why would the leak just say "Korean, Korean, Korean?" If was coming from an official source, it would be translated or written out. Also, BTS has been doing most of it's big recent singles in English, so I I'd imagine if they collabed with Coldplay it would be. We'll see. If it ends up being true, this era is shaping up to be quite poppy, which I think we anticipated. The question for me is whether they'll make room for some truly alternative tracks. If they have them, we sure haven't heard them. And before you say Human Heart is an alt track -- yes it
  3. Yeah basically agree with everything being said here. What feels most likely is we get some alternative tracks drawing from other 80's artists like Talking Heads, Depeche Mode & some maybe even influence from the Eno Eras (weird spacey noises, different time signatures, more Jonny). But we also know Max Martin could be a credited producer on every song, which likely means more clean production and pop sounds (Guy even said in a recent interview they're focusing on "studio techniques" which sounds like a pop production euphemism). On top of that, we have confirmed help from Jacob Collier (h
  4. Loving new Glastonbury songs, but they also make me a bit nervous that LP9 (MOTS) is just gonna be a loose concept like MX that doesn't fully live up to the "space album" hype. This is what I expected, but still I'm worried the album could be inconsistent.
  5. I freaking love Boys of Summer -- the synths, guitar solos, driving beat, soaring vocals. It's funny because I LOVE 80's music. I have multiple playlists of synthpop & pop rock from the 80's -- New Order, Duran Duran, A-Ha, Don Henley, Eagles, Kate Bush, Bangles, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Violent Femmes, Van Halen... The problem I think Coldplay runs into is that they want to make music inspired by those artists and genres but they often fall short of fully leaping into it & embracing it. There's a certain restraint the band has had over the past 10 years, where song ultimately quie
  6. I did a weird thing. I listened to the song a million times the other week but then cold stopped for 5 days. By the fourth day, I was listening to a lot of other music and I basically had forgot the way the synths sounded and couldn't even hum the bass. I listened to the song again and I feel like with the initial excitement gone, my overall opinion has reduced a bit to putting HP on par with AOAL and HFTW, the weaker singles of Coldplay's 2010 catalogue. So like maybe a 6-7/10. I saw some folks on reddit talk about it, but it does feel like a really well produced, constructed song
  7. @harrisonrules -- Check out Los Unidades and Global Citizen EP ! Lucky you, you're going to get some new Coldplay songs today! Coldplay released an EP under the pseudonym "los unidades" a few years back and it's actually really good. Voodoo is a track Chris talked about around the MX era that never got released until recently. It features production from Calvin Harris, backing vocals from Tiwa Savage, and a dope verse from Danny Ocean. I don't ever remember Car Kids being connected to Voodoo?
  8. Yeah that's a good guess. I am also really hoping for a new song but based on the rumors that the album is coming towards the end of the year I am worried Higher Power is all we are gonna get for the next few months. Maybe a remix or feature will drop with BTS. I am really craving other songs in this era now and hopeful we will get some really rocky tracks.
  9. I've been doing some thinking about scenarios for the upcoming era and why I'm feeling optimistic. The TLDR is I'm really excited the band is working with Max Martin b/c he feels like a producer that uplifts artists to new heights vs. takes over with his own sound. But still I am hoping MOTS is a sister album to EL in that it recycles old ideas from Coldplay's most creative eras, Viva & MX, which will give us some heavy rockers and interesting alien soundscapes. What expectations do you have? If MOTS just gonna be newplay on steroids? Oldplay? A mix?
  10. On the topic of conventional albums... Chris says a lot of stuff and when he said that I took it with a grain of salt. Coldplay is worth hundreds of millions to their record label so big collabs and Tik Tok attempts like HP are inevitable. What he may mean is that we may never get an album that tried to stick to conventional formatting ever again. On Zane Lowe he spoke of how many artists drop tons of singles and lump them into a project because nowyou can explore so many genres. So perhaps Music of the Spheres conceptually is different planets and genres -- Kaotica has 80's music, some
  11. Yeah I don't think Higher Power is surprising. In fact I'm pretty sure back in 2018/2019 I was predicting they'd go or an 80's sound at some point based on Chris' obsession with Back to the Future and the way Life Is Beautiful sounded (rip). Not to toot my own horn though -- it's fairly predictable that Coldplay will follow trends (MX had an Arcade Fire vibe, GS felt very XX/mellow indie, ASFOS, SJLT). That said -- I do think we could still get some surprises on LP9 and I'm trying to stay optimistic. At this point in their career, we know they'll stick in some pop, saccharine songs like
  12. Preach, I Ran Away. I've always felt we shared taste in Coldplay and I agree that at some point you have to reckon with yourself that Coldplay is a different band and accept a new form of fandom. I thought the recent Zane Lowe interview was interesting because in the past, Chris has said "I don't care what people think" but now he's saying he wants people to enjoy the music -- kind of an easy excuse to adopt more pop sounds. I think I was really forced to reckon with Ghost Stories and recalibrate my expectations. I really thought that record was going to be super alternative after MX but
  13. I'm so excited to see the fandom celebrating this track and I just have to say how wonderful it is to be a fan of band that's constantly switching up the vibe and sound of their music. Higher Power is gonna sit comfortably with many other singles over the last decade -- it's got a great beat, a sticky chorus, and some interesting new soundscapes I wasn't expecting. My TLDR review is a solid 7/10, similar to singles like AOAL and ASFOS, which are songs that took a while to grow on me.
  14. Yes agree that even if Higher Power isn't perfect, it feels like we could getting an album with some truly fun colors, textures and vibes. My fingers are crossed that Higher Power and only one other song are super pop oriented and that the rest of the album will include tons of guitar and more weird vocalisations. I hope it can at least maintain as many alternative sounding songs as MX,GS,AHFOD eras.
  15. Collabs are inevitable and I wouldn't have an issue with a BTS feature if the track is good. That said, I think the rumors coming through are that Coldplay/Chris worked on a BTS song, not a Coldplay song. BTS is teasing their next project "Butter" which could be what Coldplay is involved with. Only time will tell, but yes just like SJLT a huge pop song could help Coldplay stay relevant for the rest of the year on major singles, assuming HP works great.
  16. I don't think it's leaked yet, folks. But the next 48 hours are likely. Remember not to post ANYTHING related to the leak. I'm going to keep an eye on the discord since I love gobbling leaks up (if they're high quality). Otherwise we're just a few short days away !
  17. I'm absolutely fascinated by the confidence going into Higher Power. It seems the record label is really wanting to push big marketing on this. I know that the band has a lot of say over the creative ideas, like Alien Radio and ultimately the art and vibe of the music, but clearly Warner Music Group/Parlaphone probably help schedule and fund performances like American Idol, Glastonbury, BRIT Awards etc. Compared to EL this feels like a lot of money is behind it and that execs are confident Higher Power will be a huge smash. Of course as a fan, i get nervous because I know I'll probably l
  18. I hadn't even thought of the Chromatica comparison! Kind of a fun nod to Gaga if it becomes a bigger part of this era. I think the problem is that we know the album will likely be called "Music of the Spheres" not Kaotica. Ofc that won't stop people on Twitter from raging.
  19. I'll go out on a limb and make a prediction of what the song will sound like. it's 3:31 long, so like Orphans it's gotta be a tight pop song. Intro is sparse, ambient and all of a sudden synth keyboards with an 80's vibe kick in (similar to blinding lights) First verse, Chris singing about being in love and how wondrous it is. Bouncy bass line, electronic beats, and sticatto guitar flourishes. Chorus -- backed by LOVE Choir in an 80's/House music kind of vibe. Kind of like how Orphans had a kids choir in the background, this one will have a soul choir. Maybe "this joy is elec
  20. My long post before new music drops. TLDR: I'm super excited and optimistc that this is going to be the perfect Coldplay era for me, but ya never know. For those of you new to the speculation train -- you may not like the new music, but that's okay! We're gonna get what we're gonna get and we should try to be open to whatever happens.
  21. ++Stephen. My guess is that someone got a hold of the demo and just happened to release it, or wanted to wait until Coldplay started teasing again. All these theories are really exciting! I'd love it if Alien Radio was actually separate from MOTS and was an opportunity for them to release some, unreleased tracks from other eras -- for example it's so so so exciting that someone ran the code from the website and it performed the melody of Fall of Man! However, I think Alien Radio is just a teasing scheme. Could be a song title, but this is most likely just the beginning of the MOTS
  22. Heck yeah! That's great news. I don't remember seeing Jon Hopkins credited for any of Coldplay's music since Midnight, so I suspect he's involved with LP9. I hope that's a feature, but could just as easily be a producer role. He just released some new music recently that's really great, so it's possible he is doing that knowing Coldplay will soon mention him as well, which would boost sales/streams of his stuff.
  23. ^This. Taylor has been crushing it. I always liked her early albums and 1989 a lot but this past year she really became the most essential pop star. Both Folklore and Evermore are very, very good albums. Excited about the Jacob Collier news! It'd be cool if he featured... but I bet like with EL could be helping do mixing and production if the album is getting wrapped up. He also played the role of helping create "Angelina" from Cry Cry Cry, which Chris alluded to wanting to use again. I'm open to that... but also Cry Cry Cry is probably the first song I'd remove from EL since it tonally
  24. Man I forgot how intensely anti-mainstream pop this forum can be haha I'm an oldplayer and just wanna make it clear: I love Dua, Lil Nas X, Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ariana Grande. I think we're living in a moment where pop stars feel truly talented and interested in pushing bounderies again, and I listen to pop music quite regularly along with alternative music (metal, punk, hip-hop, indie). I say this not as a prescription for you all, but just as an unashamed proclamation that some folks can like Coldplay and other brands of music, and that's okay. But that said,
  25. If I may try to break through the tension here -- I'd like both of those things 🙂 I love Dua Lipa and think she's a real star. Future Nostalgia was a terrific album that bleneded modern pop sounds, perfect pop hooks/singalong choruses, and fun throwback intsrumentation. I also think the albums Ken Nelson worked on had THE BEST sounding recordings in Coldplay's entire career. The instrumentation feels like it's right in your face, the guitars are punchy, and the atmosphere feels alive. Ken Nelson probably is not coming back but a Dua collab is possible. They did tour together way bac
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