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  1. For the Grammy's my best guess is Chris will get the LOVE Choir to help out as I think they're LA based. So maybe they'll do Cry Cry Cry or BrokEn -- something similar to the stripped-back NPR Tiny Desk Performance. My second best guess is that he's collaborating with other artists to do some sort of tribute song. It'll be interesting to see how the performances go this year. If COVID never happened imagine the whole band performing Arabesque with Femi Kuti and and an orchestra and melting all our faces.
  2. Oh right -- I forgot he mentioned it during the Instagram. BRING IT FORTH!
  3. I sometimes worry they "technically" have released it when they did those Amazon Music live songs. Or has Chris said anything after this came out? https://www.amazon.com/US-AGAINST-WORLD-LIVE-LEIPZIG/dp/B07JJFHY6J
  4. So my read of the copyright situation is this: It seems like Music of the Spheres, like Los Unidades, is specifically for releasing music (audio recording). MYLO and VIVA DEPORTES, on the other hand, seem to be brands/logos that could be put on physical materials -- shirts, handbags, bracelets etc. I don't think this signifies MX2 or anything Viva related. I instead think it could be part of a roll out of new merch or reissues the band wants to sell in their shop or do in partnership with other orgs. Oct. 19 2021 will be the 10th Anniversary of MX, so maybe they're celebratin
  5. ^I totally agree with your ideas for inspiration for LP9. New Wave sounds/80's pop-rock is coming back in style and I think Coldplay could kill it. Though for the record, I absolutely love WAP and think it's one of the best tracks of 2020. But I agree that Coldplay's strength has always been in making more emotional sounding rock music. It isn't to say that there have been some awesome experiments over the past decade that I really enjoy, but "newplay," if I can use that term, is less consistent with fans and critics. EL was a return to form in my opinion, but was still a bizarre album.
  6. ^Yup!! I find this era so fascinating. They release their best album with Viva La Vida and head straight back into the studio with Brian Eno to work on more material. Some of their best songs since Viva (ALIENS, Arabesque, Charlie Brown) all came from this time period. My hope is that they will rework more demos from that time as it really was the "creative height" of their career, in my humble opinion. I'm sure they are always going back to pull old ideas out of the attic, but I also really wish they'd pull a radiohead and drop all their old demos from that time. I WANT CHARLIE BROWN WITH ACC
  7. Okay so if I can just fantasy speculate real quick. Others mentioned this way back in the thread and sufjan stevens already did this, but how cool would it be if the album was actually solar system themed and each track found ways to incorporate the ACTUAL music of the spheres (some of the odd frequencies and sounds that come from planets). So the track listing could include: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. You could also have other tracks like UFO, Galaxies, Moons, Etc. Earth could maybe just be a reworked version of Life Is Beautiful and the
  8. ^Well said. At this point the COVID crisis continues to reach it's worst levels here in the U.S. and there still could be more political violence. From an artistic standpoint, I wonder how Chris' songwriting over the past year and how that might affect MOTS, assuming it would be a more pop, happy-go-lucky sound. I agree that the next album cycle won't role out until there's enough time to announce and plan a tour, which could easily be in 2022 at this point. That said, I always wonder what prevents the band from releasing other music in the meantime. Like imagine they drop an EP this mo
  9. I would love for them to pull a Taylor Swift and drop two albums next year. I'm sure they have enough songs to scrape together. But I doubt it... they probably have a big rollout plan for Music of the Spheres (or just LP9) and tour ideas ready to go that they want to stick to.
  10. Interesting. It'll also be the 10-Year Anniversary of MX this October, so it's possible they are also working on a re-release or remaster featuring some unheard b-sides. But I don't know. Coldplay doesn't strike me as a band that would do a re-release, greatest hits, or a sequel to a former album. Overall I'd be really excited if the Music Of The Spheres is a spiritual sequel to MX mirroring VLV and EL, @I ran away I still predict MOS will be a pop rock album that has some singles going for a shiny, atmospheric 80's revival vibes and dance grooves. Given the success of The Weeknd, D
  11. GIVE US THE MUSIC GUY. I hope he says "me gusta" to the new music and not to his shoes & pants.
  12. Yeah I've really enjoyed the instagram lives this year. It'd be cool for them to do another one and actually tease some new music or even perform a new song to get the pot stirred going into next year.
  13. ^I can try my best... Here are my main takeaways of what's a certainty, sorry for not including links: We know LP9 WILL HAPPEN. An interview last year from an executive at their record label said the band is hoping to follow up Everyday Life with a more standard Coldplay album as soon as possible. The band has acknowledged the tease in the Everyday Life lyric book which shows a billboard saying "Music of the Spheres, Coldpay coming soon...." This has led most folks to assume LP9 will be Music of the Spheres, but we do not know this for sure. The band is in studio and has bee
  14. I think that the monolith thing IS something that Coldplay would do and is a brilliant PR stunt (if that's what it ends up being). However, I think this is a classic copycat scenario. The first one in Utah was estimated to have been there for years and technically it's installation was illegal. The next one is Romania looked very different. Then the next one in CA was again installed illegally. Now the one in England is again illegally put up. Coldplay wouldn't do a tease or promotion without working with the necessary parties. Most likely it's artists across the world doing imitations a
  15. Oh wow interesting!!!! WHAT IS CAR KIDS!???! I had kinda convinced myself that it was either HLH or Charlie Brown but this clearly shows that it's most likely it's own song. AGH. Given the material they reused for Everyday Life, so I also wonder if LP9 uses updated versions of Car Kids or LIALD
  16. Very cool! I'd totally forgotten about this. That intro is pure bliss to me. MX is Coldplay's most fascinating album imo because it has such a weird, unique, colorful undertones to each track but they made some choices to bury those instrumentals under melody driven pop music. The MX instrumentals/reprises you can find on youtube are so frigging cool. I PRAY that one day this album gets a re-release with demos and alternate versions like this one above. I think critics never realized how unique this record was.
  17. Nah I think 11/5 probably never meant anything... U.S. is daily adding record COVID-19 cases. The rest of this year is looking grim and I suspect much of 2021 will be the same. We're really gonna be delayed here folks.
  18. ^ LOVE THESE LIVE VERSIONS. Their studio masters tend to be pretty clean sounding by toning down lead instruments like guitar and strings. I am dying for them to release these versions of these tracks because they get the emotion across so much more. LIJ live is so blissful and lovely and Trouble in Town live feels much harsher and intense.
  19. David Holmes, their manager said that in an interview in 2017, I believe, so I actually also wonder if the whole 2021 Tour thing would be the plan all along. But for festivals, recording the album and release times, COVID definitely screwed things up I'd bet.
  20. ^totally agree. They usually do a great job weaving in singles into their albums in way that's not to jarring. Like the transition from Birds to HFTW is amazing despite those songs having totally different feels. Orphans was maybe a little to upbeat for EL, but nonetheless I wish it was more successful on the radio. Almost 1 year later I still think it's an amazingly good pop single, but it likely will never get much recognition.
  21. ^Stay strong! This year has been really tough on me as well -- working from home every single day in a job I don't love and not knowing when exactly anything will change. music also helps A LOT to keep me energized and feeling good. Depending on how you look at it, I think there's some solace in knowing there are so many others around the world experiencing the same stresses right now. It can be hard to count our blessings. I'm sorry to hear that your day-to-day work causes anxiety and dread... I hope that it can get better or that you find another opportunity.
  22. Random thought I've been mulling over after listening to EL in full a few times this week: One of the reason's I think coldplay has struggled to have the same amount of critical success over the past 5 years is a lack of focus. I love AHFOD, Kaleidoscope EP and EL but all of them are just so unfocused. The genres are all over the place, the themes and lyrics are incredibly generalized. Go back to MX and GS -- at least a story is being told. Sure, i'd argue those stories are vague and the lyrics are a major step down from earlier Coldplay, but at least there's a theme that's stuck to. The
  23. Amazing! I love this song so much but my biggest complaint is that Chris' vocals don't fit super well with the choir. This fixes that problem!
  24. Agree with JC90. Good to see a performance but always incredibly important to keep expectations in check because I've been burned on many of my hopes and dreams since I started speculating in 2010 (god I'm old). That said, I really enjoyed the color palette and visuals of the performance. The person who I assume worked on this also did that solid Paradise "live performance" last month, which was great. If the speculation continues down a route of a "space-themed" album with UFO's and ALIENS, I could see them incorporating some of these colors and visuals styles into the next era. It woul
  25. I think it's safe to say teasing, if not a new single/music, will be coming by end of year, based on the Warner CEO's statements, which is very exciting! But given how nothing has been confirmed by the band we truly have not much to go on still other than the Music of the Spheres billboard (assuming that's still LP9). Also above artist rendition is super Kid A! Assuming music of the spheres is the actual album title, I'll be curious to see if they use the circular black and white graphic... My guess is no just because it's very similar to AHFOD and I expect the album to be a upbeat and c
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