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  1. Hope i'm wrong but I'm down with the theory others have proposed which is that this is that pleasant instrumental they teased a few weeks back with the violins. Maybe it's like an MX style opening.
  2. Def hoping for this one to be darker and super political and just outright anti-gun. But more realistically looking at the rest of the album and the length, I wonder if this will be a short instrumental opener to Sunset. If we take Chris' word, then Sunrise should be the darker album of the too because we're "waking up to face the day's challenges" and then Sunset is about overcoming those challenges? Maybe Guns opens up Sunset by summing up Sunrise with the sounds of guns/explosions/sirens with some strings before heading into the more 'healing' songs?
  3. Not sure what to think of this one. Maybe a five minute track composed of one 4 minute track like Army Of One that's upbeat, talking about how cool the world is and then maybe like a 1-minute audio clip/instrumental of someone talking about bringing "Power to the People" ?
  4. ^ Totally agree! Chris mentioned voice memos being on the album and so far people who've heard the album don't talk about this one. So my guess is its one of the band members' kids? Or maybe its like a kid Chris recorded somewhere in the world talking about missing their daddy? I feel like this could either be cute like "i miss you daddy" or it could be extremely dark, like "I lost my daddy" which would be a gut punch of a thing to put on an album...
  5. Funny they have a b-side for a 16 track double album hahaha. I mean maybe this one is just their least fave and they wanted to have an evenly weighted double album. Flags sounds political, maybe similar to All Your Friends?
  6. My hope is for an epic send off for the album. My guess is that this will be like DAAOHF in that it basically sums up the themes of the album and tries to deliver an emotional/hopeful and upbeat closer to the album? I already feel like this could be my fave track..
  7. ^ Interesting! My guess right now is gonna be a short 1-2 minute track that includes a big choir of voices. Sunset is supposed to be the "happier" side of the album or at least the more hopeful side. If Jacob Collier is on this thing I bet it will be this big vocal harmonization piece leading into Cry Cry Cry
  8. I don't know why but this one sounds like a Western movie to me or something haha. I feel like Arabesque had some slinky guitar picking to it so maybe this one has darker americana vibe? Maybe this is the one where Jonny whips out the banjo? Either way I like how theatrical the name is. Typically the third track on Coldplay albums is a single of somesort so that'd make sense unless this album is truly "experimental" and not radio friendly.
  9. I don't think that article is a review. I had Google translate the page for me and it sounds more speculative than anything else. It makes assumptions about themes of the albums based on song titles and what we've got from Orphans. Usually the only reviews that drop before an album are part of some sort of sponsorship, so maybe NME drops its review 5 days before the album comes out and teases all the tracks. Also, just FYI - I listened to Guy's interview on that podcast and not much gleaned. Basically he says they're excited about the new album coming out and started working on it in Tuscany in 2017 (likely after the AHFOD tour). Didn't dig into any tracks specifically or the sound or anything :(
  10. Love Spinatron! Yeah I think a lot of those folks were just part of "choir" on the chorus. Likely they collaborated on other tracks on the album as well. So I guess the next big item is the Saturday Night Live Performence? What do y'all think they'll play? My guess is that they'll do Orphans but I'm curious if they'll bring a live brass group/other artists on stage to do a shortened version of Arabesque? I'm stoked to see how these sound live. With more of Jonny's guitar it can only get better!
  11. Overall really cool video. I could tell by the editing that this was Mat Whitecross haha. It feels like maybe there were nuggets of cooler music videos inside it? Like they have all these beach dancers and the woman dancing in the room -- but you can barely even appreciate it because they gloss onto the next thing super quickly. Very much Mat's style. Not my fave but still a solid video.
  12. Yeah I don't know. Like I think he's getting at the fact that everday life includes bombs and war, BUT the people that are victims of violence also have hopes and dreams and that's worth celebrating. However, I'm concerned the lyrics on this song don't maybe do enough in 3 minutes to say that in a more nuanced way. But maybe on the final album it will make more sense.
  13. Concerning album length: Chris mentions in his interview with Annie Mac that there are "voice memos" on the album. I wonder if "Daddy" is a 30-60 second recording of one of their kids saying "daddy"? And then maybe "Guns" or "Eko" are recordings, or short instrumentals as well. That would help cut down more time for the remaining tracks. Sucks it's not longer, but I ain't gonna complain about 50+ minutes of new Coldplay!
  14. Speaking as an Oldplayer - I love this song. Like I'm really impressed. The production is top-notch. The chorus is infectiously catchy and has a tinge of sadness to it. It's also just really perfectly concise too which makes it really replayable. Love: In contention for my new fave CP bassline. I love the "boom ka boom boom ka" (is that Moses?). Great intro and outro. Love the very end of "I wanna be with you until the whole world ends." glass percussion is sweet. I just love when Chris sings about other people and tries* to share narratives. Critique* - There is a straight up error in the mix at 1:46.... Like a quarter second is missing? Chris' lyrics are ... interesting. I'm going to reserve my judgement until the whole album contextualizes this track, but I'm confused by the guy growing food, then the girl wanting to be in movies but they get bombed.... but like it's a "boom boom" catchy bombing? "Getting drunk with my friends" then back to bombing and the world ending. I'm just confused....
  15. This is easily the most exciting Coldplay release since Viva. Not to say that tracks like Midnight, or AOAL weren't big surprises, but this is clearly the biggest departure in overall sound we've seen from Coldplay maybe ever. I'm just so pleased it includes multiple artists of color, that it has meaningful lyrics, that it has progression, that it came from Eno sessions! It isn't necessarily an original sound -- other big artists like Arcade Fire, David Byrne have made nocturnal jazzy tracks like this -- but Coldplay brings their catchy songwriting and ability to make big climactic crescendos to this. Love: Femi Kuti's saxaphone, Stromae, the funky baseline, Jonny's menacing guitar feels retro, Chris' restraint and "same f**king blood." Critique: Super super nitpicky, but I think the crescendo could have been a bit grander with more progression and diversity in sounds. Like my brain is almost expecting the chords to change towards the end but they don't.
  16. What I gathered from the interview on Orphans is that there was a different version of the song (maybe more acoustic or something?) and then last minute they decided to throw it together. So maybe in the video we'll get the demo version at the beginning and then it will go into the full studio version? I didn't pick up that they would release a 'making of the album' type video.
  17. haha chris was really unprepared when Annie asked him about his lyrics. Like, c'mon man, if you're gonna reference the syrian conflict in a happy sounding pop song you better be prepared to talk about it.
  18. Anybody see full album details yet? Like track lenght and stuff? Just worried because Chris said they're both short albums and I'll be super mad if Sunrise and sunset are under 35 mins.... that would mean interlude tracks....
  19. At least as I can hear it and as Genius says. We'll see when official lyrics drop. I still love the song but it makes me wonder if this is gonna get blowback? Like he could have just as easily said "back and be with all of my friends." which is heartbreaking. But to say "Back and get drunk with my friends"......... like what? Edit: And agree with Hedwig. Chris uses "drunk" as a metaphor for feeling carefree and happy with people you love in HFTW. Just not sure if it works in a song that talks about literal bombings.
  20. ok maybe wanna walk back on what I said earlier about lyrics. So apparently the chorus of orphans is "I wanna know, when I can go, back and get drunk with my friends." But then he seems to be alluding to bombs falling on Syria, crushing the dreams of young people there. Is it just me or is that super weird? Like the conflict syria is super serious. I'm not saying they're making light of that, I really like the sentiment of the track. But for an "orphan" to say "ya know all this killing sucks, I wish I could drunk with my friends," feels like a SERIOUS misread of a situation...
  21. What's incredible to me is how really good instrumentation can vastly improve the lyrics. Sometimes reading Chris' lyrics (like on Orphans) might make you roll your eyes. "Bombs go boom boom boom" but in the song it works SO WELL! Compare that "Feeling Drunk and High" when the music has hardly any grit, ambiance, or inebriation to it... (not to hate on HFTW, I just think they chorus lets the rest of the song down).
  22. @jc90 -- I'm not a native french speaker, but it sounds like the same thing Chris sings in English: Basically "One resembles another, made of the same sea. ... to make a great river."
  23. Got the files but on my phone where i can't easily share them. Just three hours, people!!!! [spoiler=if you want to be spoiled....] Orphans: A near perfect indie-pop single. Guy's bass is incredible, Jonny contributes nice guitar licks, the chorus vocals are back, production is RICH -- lots of fun details sprinkled through the mix (a flute?). Love lyrics too! My only criticism is that it feels like they didn't have a strong bridge to the chorus, so the song is shorter than it needs to be and the chorus comes on kind of awkwardly (like no drum fill or guitar to fill the space between the bride and chorus? And Jonny's guitar could be louder). Arabesque: Wow this is truly new for Coldplay and quite incredible. Reminds me a bit of something that could have been on Arcade Fire's Reflektor. Incredible groove, tons of horns, saxophones, weird sax solo that isn't very good but has character, someone sings a verse in french? Jonny? What I love the most about this is how LITTLE Chris is in it.
  24. Love the snippets thus far, thought they expose very, very little. The inevitable debate of whether it will be Oldplay or Newplay is in full swing on Discord and Reddit. Personally, these clips sound a bit more lively than I expected given the supposed album cover. The full tracks will tell the truth, but definitely sound like Coldplay. I wouldn't say this barely 15 seconds of music is experimental. In summary: Arabesque(?) - 5 seconds - Very funky guitar and bass, almost reminds me of Miracles Someone Special. Dark sounding. Orphans(?) - 10 seconds - Sounds like AHFOD to me if Stargate hadn't produced it, and that's a GOOD THING. The instrumentation sounds really lush and the chorus sounds super super catchy. Getting almost Phil Collins vibes? Makes sense for a single. Heavy base, chiming guitars, percussion similar to AOAL.
  25. I wonder if this album was built off all of the scrapped material around the Viva/Mylo eras? For those who don't know, Coldplay was working on a follow up (LP5) to Viva that was originally super acoustic and indie sounding (see original Charlie Brown in AHFOD Film), but they decided they'd rather do something bigger, louder, and more colorful. This is potentially where Car Kids, ALIENS, Arabesque, Drunks and Guns, and other tracks were scrapped. You also have amazing demos like , / l, . It's possible they knew they were going to keep those demos and put them into a big package eventually since they didn't fit into the more mainstream album cycles. And maybe here we are??? Then again, it could all be new material and those demos above could have been incorporated into releases already (wedding bells and U.F.O or Atlas?). EDIT: And maybe that'd make sense for the "last 100 years or therabouts" because from Chris' perspective these songs have existed for a super long time but just haven't had a home? Or maybe the album will be time-travelly and each song will be inspired by a different decade of music.
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