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  1. ^As the popular theory suggests! Before the Corona crisis I was feeling very optimistic about this theory, but just about every other artist has pushed back their releases and other than some random Insta posts from Guy and Chris saying "we have a new song" there haven't been any other clues. The hopeful part of will say FFTF is a single to be released tomorrow and the first taste of the new era! Will check back in 24hrs.
  2. Just an update for those that saw Izzy Bizu was in The Bakery last week: After digging around her instagram, it actually looks like she was in the Bakery back in late February as well and she tagged Dan Greene. My guess now is that Dan is producing her new album and they used the Bakery for part of it. Doesn't rule out that she's collaborating with the band, but seems less likely. And besides, if they actually release new music in the next month as predicted, it's likely they've already wrapped up recording.
  3. ^ I dig this theory. Single could be Fight For The Future and then Music of the Spheres drops either in May or next Fall.
  4. Could be! The last 3 weeks have had so much new Coldplay content (two COTW videos, Tiny Desk, Trouble in Town) that I'd imagine they'd ride that publicity and media wave into some new teases.... I think we should expect something early April.... As much as I'd prefer them to revisit the shoegaze, glitch electronic and spacey elements of albums past, I think the more likely outcome will be a throwback retro sound. Think 50's-80's with those modern electronic touches and pop production. I could see influences of soul and jazz percolating through from the EL Era. Cry Cry Cry was our teaser for LP9 imo. What's that have to do with planets? I don't know. But has Coldplay ever really stuck to a discernable theme on any album? Nope. It could just be a pop album with a few 30 second planet interludes to pad out all the EDM bangers.
  5. Now we have a COTW Lyric Video which ONCE AGAIN heavily emphasizes planets and space..... I mean, it fits the theme of the song and the message, so again it could be coincidence. But this really seems like a tease to me given everything.
  6. *slowly enters conversation with a walker. Back in the June of 2011 I was wrapping up my jr. year of high school and they dropped ETIAW, my fricken song of the summer. MX then didn't drop until October and in between we got live performances and lots of teasing. I think we are getting a tease or a single very soon and then there will be a more open timeline of when we'll actually get the full album. I'm feeling optimistic April 2nd or April 4th will be the day.
  7. Addressing some of the thoughts here: 1. MX 2 - The Sequel? For me, it's highly unlikely LP9 is a sequel, but it's an interesting catch that the swirl was the symbol for hurts like heaven. Probably coincidence. However, as a lover of the MX era, I'd be excited if they made a return to alternative rock with a fun pop edge to it. 2. Back to the Future - We should always be on the lookout for clues like this. I think Fight For The Future is a really good prediction. Also, we know Cry Cry Cry was inspired by Back to the future and that alien voice is making a return... so maybe more tracks in this style? I for one am guessing LP9 goes for a retro pop vibe, so lot's of R&B and doo-wop. 3. Just related to EL - Maybe? We perhaps never considered that this could be an EP or within the EL era. But also, EL is a really inclusive album and doesn't feel like it would have b-sides. Like tracks that should have been b-sides imo weren't haha. 4. Other random predictions: Music of the Spheres is a direct reference to scientists that have explored the sounds planets and celestial bodies makes and it's a spacey album with ambient moments and is inspired by planets. Music of the Spheres is actually referring to hemispheres. The songs are all inspired by, and collaborated, with artists from across the globe: more afro-beats, spanish guitar, latin-american beats, folk etc. Think Los Unidades.
  8. Someone on reddit shared a link that you could find there......... click. link.
  9. Great video! Is it just me or does it feel crazy that we have 4 (YES 4) videos in the EL era already but there hasn't been like any discussion or interest in them? Maybe Daddy had the most excitement around it?
  10. ^ This god please this. It's not that they aren't incredible when it's just the 4 of them with backing tracks, but when you see other bands like Arcade Fire or The 1975 bring other instrumentalists on stage, it really raises the music to another level. I was lucky enough to see Coldplay on the AHFOD tour and the most AWKWARD song was Hymn for the Weekend because there was nobody playing the horns and it felt like Jonny and Guy just kind of fake played some of the percussion on little pads. Literally was the only moment during my show where the crowd felt out of it. Now imagine they had Femi Kuti playing the horns and extra percussion for Hymn for the Weekend so Jonny and Guy could add extra guitar and bass? It'd be sweet.
  11. Yeah I think so too. In fact I'm starting to be REALLY convinced about this April timeline. Let's look at the rumor roundup recently. The EL era doesn't seem to be over as reports of Champion of the World being a new single (and music video?) towards the end of February. Also, there were signs of music videos being dropped for Cry Cry Cry & Trouble In Town. Maybe they were scrapped, maybe they'll still get a release in the coming weeks. Finally, we know they did a NPR Tiny Desk Concert where I'd assume they have some say over the release date in the next month and a half. My guess is end of February to coincide with CotW single release. Finally, the latest rumor is that Chris won't tour with Soda Stereo because he'll be too busy in April. From a band management perspective, this keeps Coldplay in the news and on the charts heading into March. Part of effective marketing is to always keep your brand in people's eyes so that when something new pops up people are ready to listen/pay attention. So the EL era could wrap up with a final single and a music video, and then in April they release a single or start teasing a new album era. And that's not that far off folks!
  12. Very underrated. It was one of my fave tracks on my first few listens. Very Paul Simon and love the backing vocals. Sounds a lot like early Coldplay too. Could have sat comforably with I Bloom Blaum and See You Soon. Of all the tracks on the album tho I definitely haven't been listening as much. I think part of it is the weird placement after Orphans, which puts me in a dancy indie pop sing-along mood but then diving into a gentle acoustic story piece feels jarring.
  13. am i a boomer if i still wonder about car kids more than the race?
  14. That's cool research and definitely on par with Coldplay's entire career being obsessed with starts, planets and "how the universe is big and crazy, man." So... in my alternative music dreams, they'd make a 9-song album and each song would be themed after a planet and super weird. Something like what Sufjan Stevens did. Or more likely, they use Music of the Spheres as a general motif/inspiration throughout the track listing, but musically the songs are as random and genre-jumping as usual with a couple pop singles.
  15. I'd have a hard time calling it Oldplay.... Depending on what LP9 sounds like, I might even argue that perhaps Oldplay (Parachtues - Viva) and Newplay (MX - AHFOD) might be limiting categorizations. I'd say EL has more similarities with Viva, which also explored one-off genres and felt (risky/experimental) for the band. Viva for me has always been the transition between Oldplay and Newplay -- it kept the alternative part of their roots and mixed it with new genres propelling them into Mylo Xyloto and more pop-friendly stuff. Perhaps EL will be yet another transition from Newplay to NewNewPlay ? haha If I had to categorize EL, I'd say it's a refined, acoustic version of Newplay.
  16. Yeah not sure if I can really define relevance, but speaking as an American, I can say that commercially, musically and pop culture-wise, they are definitely the least relevant they've ever been. EL was hardly marketed like other CP albums, and the style of music presented is wildly different from the Top 40 sounds we're hearing nowadays. And finally, I think most people still "like" Coldplay but at this point I don't see them being a huge pop-culture influence in the 2020's. Every band has to reach a point where they become more "legacy" act and are less relevant to younger people. That's not to say they're not still important to a ton of people and that their albums can't win awards, or sell out shows. U2, Radiohead, Muse, and others still get tons of media and press recognition and alternative radio play when they drop stuff. But we're never gonna relive OK Computer or Joshua Tree, if that makes sense. Nor will we X&Y. Even if they drop some radio singles for LP9, we still have to contend with the fact that band music is not what people are looking for anymore.
  17. ^Interesting! And great job researching this. I don't know much about how copyright works, but I think if the request was rejected that doesn't stop them from still using it as a title. Like, there's now way they copyrighted Ghost Stories right? AHFOD and MX make sense to copyright cuz who's gonna copy that, but you can't copyright something that's commonplace (remember the case where Taylor Swift was trying to copyright her super commonplace lyrics?). Music of the Spheres already exists as a poem and as other music, so personally I feel like it's silly to copyright. But again, I'm not in the business and there's probably some imp. legal reasons to do this. Regardless, it seems like we know the title of the upcoming project!
  18. According to someone on discord Chris said "we'll see you in a few months" at the end of the show last night? is that true? Also -- wasn't concrete evidence that Cry Cry Cry was getting a Dakota Johnson-directed video and that Trouble In Town was casting for a video? Is the EL era truly over now?
  19. I def think there are some similarities. In the VLV/MX eras there were definitely references to sailing. Glasses of Water Chorus -- "...Cling to the mast" DLIBYH Verse -- "from my shipwreck, I heard her call..." I think Champion of the World would have fit into those eras. My guess is that Coldplay's always identified with leaving loved ones to travel and go on tour and have low moments while being away, which might inspire ship imagery.
  20. Almost two months on, I have to say I haven't been replaying EL very much. Which is funny, because I think it's a much stronger album than AHFOD - but AHFOD i've played a million times over. I think that says something about the album's structure and tone. It's def not the upbeat explosive sounds you want to listen to over and over and over. This one just needs more time and lots of time to sit and absorb, which I love about it but who has time nowadays ;)
  21. TLDR: My decade really starts with becoming obsessed with Coldplay and now I'm ending the decade still a huge fan and with newfound appreciate for the band. At the start of 2010, I was really thankful for Coldplay and Viva La Vida launching my taste in music towards indie and alternative music. By 2011, I was full on obsessed and MX came at the "coming of age" time in my life. I had a crappy little volvo, I was a senior in high school with a lot of friends and activities and newfound freedom, and I started dating my current girlfriend. I'd blast HLH and DLIBYH out the window cruising around to see friends and to go to my summer jobs. Very much a rosy time and the music fit it perfectly. By 2014, my girlfriend and I were doing long distance for college and I'd been suffering from depression trying to figure out what to do with my life. I remember listening to Magic for the first time in Marseilles in a sketchy AirBnB while visiting her with literally $400 in my bank account. The whole GS era really was a good coping mechanism at the time. A lot of time with headphones in not talking to anybody. By 2015-2017, I was wrapping up college and having a bit more fun in life. The music felt energetic and fun, and I finally got to see Coldplay in 2016 in Salt Lake with my sister. We drove 7 hours, spent a paycheck for tickets, and slept in the back of the car before heading back home. I also started finding new appreciation for modern pop music at this time, and Kaleidiscope EP felt like an exciting venture into what Coldplay could do in the future with pop and rock fusion. Now in 2019, I'm working full time for a non-profit, living with my girlfriend, and am very much "adulting." I'm also a bit scared about the future: Climate change, the rise of popular nationalism, inequality, internet anger. Everyday Life has a maturity and softness to it that really resonates with me at the moment, and brings me back to the reasons I fell in love with Coldplay in the first place. Has this decade had my favorite music? Definitely not. But just like my fast-changing life, the music also changed and certainly was Coldplay's most diverse and surprising. Naturally, your love and fandom can fade over time as more music comes out and your taste changes, but I'm honestly shocked I've stuck with coldplay and been this consistent a fan.
  22. In that French interview, doesn't Chris say "They both mean something...." ?? If so, that makes me wonder if the car and license plate is different from Music of the Spheres, Coldplay coming soon thing... Maybe Music of the Spheres is coming in 2020 and then FFTF is coming in 2024 and includes........car kids...........
  23. Just wanted to give Guy a shout out for his work on EL. I sometimes think certain albums exemplify one member of the bands talents. On VLV the entire band was crushing it. On MX, Jonny delivered absolutely massive guitar riffs and solos. On AHFOD, Will really showed the breadth of his skill with live drumming and creating awesome sequenced beats and rhythm sections. Now on EL, I feel like each "band" track has incredible bass. Church, Trouble in Town, Arabesque, Orphans, Cry Cry Cry, CoTW all have some of Guy's most melodic bass riffs since Viva and their early days.
  24. TLDR: How could you not hear Yellow, Clocks, and Speed of Sound all over the radio in the early 2000's? But it wasn't until violet hill dropped that I became obsessed. When I was a kid, I listened to a lot of pop punk, pop, and hip-hop (and still do) But when I was in middle school, my older brother and sister had limewire (an early torrenting site). They downloaded LP1, LP2 and LP3 and I was able to get them on my first little crappy ipod. I had known Yellow, Clocks, and Speed of Sound from the radio, but I started listening to the first three albums shuffled with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, Beatles, Decembrists, Kanye, and others. Then in 8th grade (2008), I remember Violet Hill dropped on iTunes for free. I listened to it endlessly, and spent what little $$ I had on the VLV album and basically listened to it everyday for a year. That's pretty much when I became a true Coldplayer. I was obsessed with everything and starting lurking on Coldplaying in 2010/2011 pre-Mylo. On a side note, it really was Coldplay that helped me transition into liking all sorts of music. Before my taste was bit limited to generic and popular music. But after getting into the alternative side of Coldplay I began listening to a lot more alternative music. I think they're the perfect bridge band between mainstream and alternative music.
  25. EL kind of reminds me of X&Y. Okay, so obviously they're completely different but they're about the same length, each have very distinct styles, and each explores different genres. EL is going to be a fan favorite for some, just like X&Y, while others are totally gonna find it all over the place. In fact, critical response has been similar. If you look at basically every other Coldplay album, I think there is a lot of special attention payed to the flow and structure, but to me EL and X&Y feel a little bit more like a playlist. Longterm, I just don't see EL as an album the band will revisit. Obviously X&Y isn't revisited for other reasons, but idk. I feel like X&Y is a mood album that's 100% amazing when I want to play it. EL is the same. I don't turn on EL for fun, I turn it on for a mood and to soak in the atmosphere, not to hum along to every catchy moment. Personally, I like X&Y and EL more than Ghost Stories, MX, and AHFOD. But I often find myself gravitating more towards those newplay records because they're catchy, energetic, saccharine, and nice to have in the background, if that makes sense.
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