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  1. At least as I can hear it and as Genius says. We'll see when official lyrics drop. I still love the song but it makes me wonder if this is gonna get blowback? Like he could have just as easily said "back and be with all of my friends." which is heartbreaking. But to say "Back and get drunk with my friends"......... like what? Edit: And agree with Hedwig. Chris uses "drunk" as a metaphor for feeling carefree and happy with people you love in HFTW. Just not sure if it works in a song that talks about literal bombings.
  2. ok maybe wanna walk back on what I said earlier about lyrics. So apparently the chorus of orphans is "I wanna know, when I can go, back and get drunk with my friends." But then he seems to be alluding to bombs falling on Syria, crushing the dreams of young people there. Is it just me or is that super weird? Like the conflict syria is super serious. I'm not saying they're making light of that, I really like the sentiment of the track. But for an "orphan" to say "ya know all this killing sucks, I wish I could drunk with my friends," feels like a SERIOUS misread of a situation...
  3. What's incredible to me is how really good instrumentation can vastly improve the lyrics. Sometimes reading Chris' lyrics (like on Orphans) might make you roll your eyes. "Bombs go boom boom boom" but in the song it works SO WELL! Compare that "Feeling Drunk and High" when the music has hardly any grit, ambiance, or inebriation to it... (not to hate on HFTW, I just think they chorus lets the rest of the song down).
  4. @jc90 -- I'm not a native french speaker, but it sounds like the same thing Chris sings in English: Basically "One resembles another, made of the same sea. ... to make a great river."
  5. Got the files but on my phone where i can't easily share them. Just three hours, people!!!! [spoiler=if you want to be spoiled....] Orphans: A near perfect indie-pop single. Guy's bass is incredible, Jonny contributes nice guitar licks, the chorus vocals are back, production is RICH -- lots of fun details sprinkled through the mix (a flute?). Love lyrics too! My only criticism is that it feels like they didn't have a strong bridge to the chorus, so the song is shorter than it needs to be and the chorus comes on kind of awkwardly (like no drum fill or guitar to fill the space between the bride and chorus? And Jonny's guitar could be louder). Arabesque: Wow this is truly new for Coldplay and quite incredible. Reminds me a bit of something that could have been on Arcade Fire's Reflektor. Incredible groove, tons of horns, saxophones, weird sax solo that isn't very good but has character, someone sings a verse in french? Jonny? What I love the most about this is how LITTLE Chris is in it.
  6. Love the snippets thus far, thought they expose very, very little. The inevitable debate of whether it will be Oldplay or Newplay is in full swing on Discord and Reddit. Personally, these clips sound a bit more lively than I expected given the supposed album cover. The full tracks will tell the truth, but definitely sound like Coldplay. I wouldn't say this barely 15 seconds of music is experimental. In summary: Arabesque(?) - 5 seconds - Very funky guitar and bass, almost reminds me of Miracles Someone Special. Dark sounding. Orphans(?) - 10 seconds - Sounds like AHFOD to me if Stargate hadn't produced it, and that's a GOOD THING. The instrumentation sounds really lush and the chorus sounds super super catchy. Getting almost Phil Collins vibes? Makes sense for a single. Heavy base, chiming guitars, percussion similar to AOAL.
  7. I wonder if this album was built off all of the scrapped material around the Viva/Mylo eras? For those who don't know, Coldplay was working on a follow up (LP5) to Viva that was originally super acoustic and indie sounding (see original Charlie Brown in AHFOD Film), but they decided they'd rather do something bigger, louder, and more colorful. This is potentially where Car Kids, ALIENS, Arabesque, Drunks and Guns, and other tracks were scrapped. You also have amazing demos like , / l, . It's possible they knew they were going to keep those demos and put them into a big package eventually since they didn't fit into the more mainstream album cycles. And maybe here we are??? Then again, it could all be new material and those demos above could have been incorporated into releases already (wedding bells and U.F.O or Atlas?). EDIT: And maybe that'd make sense for the "last 100 years or therabouts" because from Chris' perspective these songs have existed for a super long time but just haven't had a home? Or maybe the album will be time-travelly and each song will be inspired by a different decade of music.
  8. Fairly certain the band won't perform. Guy posted on Instagram from Amsterdam today and I feel like if you've got one of the biggest bands in the world lined up for a good cause, you'd advertise it. I'll stay tuned for the Star Wars trailer instead. My two cents. Everyday Life sounds find to me, love that it's a double album and hope it's a long one closer to Arcade Fire's Reflektor , which is over 80 minutes long, vs. just a 50 minute album composed of two short ones. I think its obvious that "Sunset" will be the darker album, perhaps referring to climate change, inequity, poverty, war, sadness, hopelessness etc while "Sunset" will be a more upbeat, colorful, optimistic record about hope and togetherness. Life Is Beautiful literally has a "old song on the radio" and a "new song on the radio" so maybe it will be in that vein. i'll be really curious to see how cohesive the two albums sound. Like will one be rock and the next pop? Will they both have middle-eastern/worldly influences? Truly we're in for a heck of an era!!!
  9. On the producer thing. I am down the middle. I like Los Unidades for what it is. I actually find E-Lo to be really groovy and fun, Timbuktu has great bass, Voodoo is undeniably catchy and I love Danny Oceans verse. But I don't necessarily want those sounds on a Coldplay album. So I am not angry or upset, just worried. I'd be really excited if the album was experimental and acoustic, but if pop producers worked on it, then maybe the strings tease happens right before a beat drop.... Only time will tell. Maybe they are just showing support and have no idea what it sounds like. Just don't want a repeat of Stargate.
  10. Yooo... I am near Denver too. Hopefully next tour we will have a show here! And yeah interesting that DJ's get to hear new music all over the world yet nothing really leaks. .
  11. Hitting that low point of knowing that we probably have to wait another week for anything. So with that in mind, what's my most hopeless thought? Maybe they just keep teasing posters and little things on social media until Nov. 22 and drop the whole album all at once. No single.
  12. Good question. Maybe they'll come up over the weekend? Or they are up but we Americans are lame and don't look at our surroundings haha. Ah well -- I guess as single could drop anytime next week. Friday has been the big music day for a while now but recently many artists have been opting for Mondays and Wednesdays to try to separate themselves from the pack. I just hope they continue feeding us some sort of teasers!
  13. ^^^Yes please join us there! The poem's already been translated. It's by a medieval persian poet Saadi Shirazi. Children of Adam. “The children of Adam are the limbs of one body That share an origin in their creation When one limb passes its days in pain The other limbs cannot remain easy You who feel no pain at the suffering of others It is not fitting for you to be called human.” You can interpret yourself, but basically a nice poem about solidarity in the human race and a shared suffering within humanity. Modern day this is very humanitarian and could be interpreted as trying to bring more global equality.
  14. @42JTR -- have you preordered/bought a bunch of stuff from Coldplay before? It's possible Warner/Coldplay are looking at "top" fans based on purchase history etc. and randomly sending these out.
  15. There's a lot of memes about being turned into a clown because you got fooled or tricked. Like gobbling up all the Kirboh stuff, for example. I personally find them funny. But calling someone a clown has been around for a while. Just basically saying "you must be joking like a clown because you're dumb."
  16. Patience friends! I personally am not expecting anything until I awake tomorrow (TO A NEW ERAAA). I may check the forums once more before bed. But a watched pot does eventually boil.... Godspeed to you all, and I'll see you on the other side.
  17. I bet a single drops tonight or tomorrow. I don't think they'd go to all this teasing this week if they didn't intend to share new music. Trying not get to my hopes up -- I remember the teasing for Midnight and the teasing for AOAL and both times Coldplay convinced me they were trying to go "alternative" but didn't. But this time... that poster and these symbols seem to be indicating some return to worldly, acoustic sounding music? Side note -- but the symbols remind me a little bit of a mix between Arcade Fire's Neon Bible and Bon Iver's 22 A Million. Obviously not identical but getting those vibes. Been doing this dance since I was in eighth grade right before Viva came out :D "For all of you new to the forums, savor these teasing moments" - Old Man Voice
  18. Just a random LP8 thought that the poster brought up, specifically the Nietzsche -looking dude with the saxophone. I really hope that Coldplay collaborates with more session artists to their upcoming releases and live performances. Their music is usually really rich with extra instrumentation they've recorded, or recorded by Davide Rossi, Daniel Greene, Brian Eno, etc. -- but some of my huge disappointment with AHFOD is that it teased other instruments (horns on HFTW, saxophone on AHFOD) but they never came through in an organic way. In fact, I'm pretty sure those sounds were electronically added. That definitely wasn't the case on one of their most underrated tracks, Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground. Other artists like Arcade Fire, Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, The 1975, aren't afraid to bring other artists into the studio to record live tracks with extra horns, strings, drums etc. Idk why Coldplay's always avoided bringing other instrumentalists on stage. As a result, HFTW live was the weakest song on their last tour without real horns or backup singers, imo. So whatever this new music is, I hope it can sound LARGER than just 4 guys -- because 4 guys can only do so much.
  19. I hope you're wrong too.... but this poster confirms nothing about Fool's Gold. The only thing that will get me to hop on the Kirboh "one way train" is an official announcement/single that matches the leak. For all we know, this poster is advertising an album called 1919 haha Though how cool would it be if they did a time travel concept album and every song was from a different era? Mission A.B.O.R.T. would be the song from 2119. EDIT: Did Kirboh start saying One Way Train will have a banjo in it only after seeing this poster? If so, then I'm on your train, JC90. This person's totally bullcrapping.
  20. I think Kirboh is innocent until proven guilty, and I suppose we won't have long to wait.
  21. ^Well, then I reckon a new, exciting, unexpected era either starts this week and they're a hero... Or nothing happens til 2020 and we forever curse their name. :)
  22. Can I just say that Mission A.B.O.R.T. will become my new Car Kids if the discord leaker is messing with us? It sounds too cool & Daft Punk are the producers THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD ON AHFOD NOT STARGATE. 7 minutes hasn't happened since the fantastic Yes/Chinese Sleep Chant.
  23. The amount of info coming in is wackyyy! Gotta say that at first glance the supposed tracklisting seemed like fan fiction -- and maybe it is -- but boy I love Daft Punk and all of these song titles definitely seem like they'll sound alternative, maybe prog-rocky as some suggest (X&Y was influenced by prog and I felt like Kaleidoscope EP had proggy flavors too). I also get the feeling that if these titles are true, it could be a "political" album. Question: Who's saying that the beach video shoot was One Way Train? Because at this point if any of these "leaked" titles are confirmed then I'll start actually believing it.
  24. Here I go.... Time to research these random totally unfounded rumors.
  25. what a wild day. super specific leaks? A music video for another band covering Coldplay? but then a tweet about coldplaly recording a music video in LA at an elementary school? WHAT IS GOING ON AHHH HYPE AND CONFUSION EDIT: Fool's Gold sounds plausible, but probably b.s. with no source... Oldplayers help me out, wasn't there a rumor a long time ago about them releasing something called Fools Gold? Like maybe pre-MX? I'm having deja vu right now.
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