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  1. Oh yes!!! We stayed at a hotel near Grant Park too, the Best Western. It was literally only a few minute walk from the train station! I'll definitely stay there again if we come into the city for museum stuff or soldier field. We had fun taking one of those pedicab/rickshaw things from the hotel to the stadium. The guy saw our CP shirts and played HFTW really loud while we road past all the walkers! Loved that!!
  2. Yes call the Ticketmaster customer support line for people who've already bought their tickets. I'm sorry I don't have the number handy but i remember I found it on their website in the "contact us" area. Where they moved the C stage to in Chicago was completely encased inside one of the D sections. You won't be able to walk up to the stage because of the seats that'll be right up against it. Those people lucked out. But you might be able to stand nearby. I just didn't attempt it.
  3. @lowlight10 can the mp3 download be viewed without the Samsung VR like a regular video? I was lucky to be at this concert too but some of my friends will love to watch this if they can. Or is that just an audio file? I think I just remembered what an mp3 is vs. mp4. I'm technologically challenged. LOL. Thanks!!!!!!
  4. My supposedly C stage seats in Chicago were a bust. Shortly before the show date Live Nation decided to move the C stage from the right of section C2 (where my seats were) to the center of one of the D sections. They added a good 50 seats or so where the C stage would have been, so instead of having aisle seats right up against the C stage, I ended up with middle row seats nowhere near it. Still had an awesome time, but I wish I'd known about that change earlier so I could have asked Ticketmaster for an upgrade. That's how i got section A seats last year when they changed the seat map earl
  5. Awww thank you!!! And thank you once again for giving my daughter your cross-stitch tour balloon necklace. You did a beautiful job making that too! It will have pride of place among our CP memorabilia at home. :)
  6. Luckily the rain was nowhere near as bad as last time. More like a teaser to make us all worry but then it stopped after a couple minutes. And according to the weather app on my phone there was a 0% chance of rain all night. Guess the app didn't realize there was a Coldplay concert going on or it would have upped the prediction!!
  7. Just met @iamsue!! She's in the black Global Citizen shirt and I'm in peach. My daughter's on the far right and her friend in the middle.
  8. Chilling with my girls at our hotel right now. Going to dinner around 5 then we'll head to the stadium. "See you soon"!!!!!! Ha!
  9. Hey all! Just a heads up for you guys wanting to meet up before the show, I'll meet you inside the stadium instead of a restaurant or anywhere else outside. I trust the regular posters here, but I'd be nervous about any lurkers watching for info from all us ticketholders about where they can come mug us and steal our tickets. Paranoid? Probably. A cautious mom wanting to protect herself and two very excited kids from a horrible experience? Defiantly. :) Once our tickets are scanned and we're safely inside Soldier Field I'm game for meeting anyone!! Iamsue, I know where you'll be.
  10. Glad you found a buyer! Good luck selling your parking space too.
  11. VLV in my case, but not until 2012. I listened to harder rock music back then and barely knew who CP was. My usual hard rock radio station played VLV and it just gripped me. As soon as I got home I googled, "Who sings 'that was when I ruled the world?" and luckily I got pointed in the right direction. I bought that CD and liked Violet Hill and Cemeteries of London but wasn't sure about the rest of that album. Then one day my kids were watching the cartoon movie "The Wild" and my ears picked up on Clocks. I instantly realized it sounded like a CP song but didn't recognize it. Loved it th
  12. Yep you should be fine with that plan. I live in SW Michigan, north of South Bend, and when I drove there last year for the Sunday show I mostly took the 80/90 toll road into Chicago through the Skyway. Soldier Field is surprisingly far south of all the Chicago Loop craziness and you'll reach it before you think. I did it in well under 2 hours. Of course with that being Sunday afternoon it might have been less busy, but on a week day going towards the city in late afternoon/evening it shouldn't be bad either. The rush hour traffic should be leaving the city going south. One thing we di
  13. Very good point about how age can change your preferences. I'm 40-something and 20 years ago I enjoyed the GA experience much more.
  14. I've been to some small shows in the US in general admission sections (standing room only/no seats) but it was kind of frustrating. I'm not very tall and couldn't see hardly anything with all the people in front of me and everyone smashed together. I just had a really good view (and smell) of the sweaty guys around me. Also, with no reserved seats you take whatever position you can get depending on how long you stood in line. And even then, big people can still push their way in front of you. The first time I saw Coldplay with assigned floor seating was last summer in Chicago. Huge imp
  15. Yeah, it's a really pricy option. It worked well for me last year in the pouring rain with a little one in tow, but if it hadn't been for that I might have regretted spending that much. I'm taking a train in this time so no parking needed. I've seen other websites where you can reserve parking spaces around the city but I don't know how reputable they are. Maybe check out reviews. Good luck in researching your options!!
  16. If you don't mind spending about $50 on parking, I recommend the Waldron Parking lot just south of the stadium. You can reserve a space online ahead of time so there's no worry about it filling up before you get there. It's also closest to where you enter the stadium. Just a couple minute walk from the gates. http://www.soldierfieldparking.com
  17. Do you know where your seat will be yet with GC? That's awesome if you get an even better seat with them!!!
  18. Hey Chicago Coldplayers!!! Time to revive this thread. Only about a month to go before our show!! Finally, it's no longer months and months and months away. Chime in if you want to say hi!
  19. I like the lyric video; it reminds me of Strawberry Swing too. The aliens especially made my daughter laugh. (She's 9). I know some people don't like how Coldplay is appealing to younger (teen) audiences now, but I'm in my 40's and love most of their new music. My daughter and I are both huge fans and bond over all things Coldplay. She likes most of their old music too. It reaches so many demographics in different ways.
  20. I ended up moving my seats to the floor right next to the c-stage, so no more worries about sound stage obstructions in the risers. Iamsue, yes we'll definitely have to meet up!
  21. Are you thinking about going now? I think TM still has non-resale tickets available.
  22. Thank you! I feel all caught up now. I agree with the others who hope an alternate video from the ice arena is still coming for the participants sake. But doesn't seem likely since they shot the video around the same time as Glastonbury when the impromptu "Chris solo" took place. It was some time after that the band decided the solo version should be released instead of the original. I'll bet the ice arena video got scrapped then too so they could do a more personal one with just Chris. IMHO, and hopefully I'm wrong .
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