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  1. This song will be tough to listen to while they're on tour. I can't help but think of their own kids and how they might feel when their daddies are away. On a lighter note, I saw a YouTube comment on the video that made me smile..... Fix You (or insert your own choice here): "I'm the saddest Coldplay song ever" Daddy: "Hold my boat"
  2. Loved that! Very beautiful and understated, good lyrics from the ones I could make out. :blush:
  3. LOL It's pronounced "air-uh-besk". It's a position in ballet where both legs are straight, with one foot on the floor and the other foot/leg extended back and up in the air. Not sure if that has anything to do with the song tho....
  4. Had a similar problem in Fort Wayne (Indiana). The theatre was full but very few people seemed pumped, and only my daughter, myself and maybe two other people were wearing any CP clothes. No one clapped at the end either but I heard some laughs at the funny parts. It was way too somber there!! Loved the movie though and so glad I went!!!!
  5. @iranaway I'm wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. You'll be there in spirit at every cinema and I'll send up a prayer for you.
  6. Bought two tickets but might go alone. Still working on someone to go with me but if not, I'll have an extra seat to hold my purse.
  7. Is there a link to see which theaters are going to show it yet? I thought I saw that somewhere but can't find it now. Fandango and coldplay.film aren't showing the list yet. Must have been a mirage.
  8. No confirmation email but the site sort of thanked me for taking the survey. They're using Survey Monkey for the registration.
  9. Squeeee!!! I was at that show. So excited I'll be in the live video now....sort of. Haha
  10. Loved all the Coldplay podcasts! On my second listen-thru now. Well done Josh and Adam!!!!
  11. This thread reminds me of an infertility forum. "This month, please let this be the month!!!" (No offense to people actually in that situation of course.)
  12. According to Dr. Seuss it'll come out on the First of Octember.
  13. The day I heard about his death, when I got in my car afterwards ASFOS came on first in my playlist. Chilling but it made me smile...
  14. I had a lot of issues with YouTube as well. The first version i made had all album songs in it and they all got blocked for copyright infringement. I had no idea that would be a problem since I wasn't monetizing the video but it definitely was. Back to the drawing board with live recordings and a couple album songs that were allowed for use. I checked out your video too....great pics!! Everyone having so much fun! :party:
  15. Call me adventurous or over the top, but I created a video (short film?) of my still photos and video clips from the Chicago concert my 9-year-old daughter and I went to with her best friend in August. It's set to Coldplay live music, mostly actual audio clips from the Chicago show. You'll see the girls making rhinestone Flower of Life t-shirts to wear, traveling to Chicago by train, taking a rickshaw to Soldier Field, meeting up with @iamsue before the show, clips throughout the concert, and heading home the next day. My favorite part of this is the look of pure joy on the girls' faces dur
  16. No offense to Paris at all (love you guys) but I'm surprised they would film there again considering how much it was already shown in Live 2012. I'd like to see more locations in the new one.
  17. They did in Chicago as well but that might have been because of the live VR show.
  18. Thank you so much!!!! I started the whole thing out in PowerPoint because I already knew that software and I'd done other photo compilations in it before. But I ran into problems imbedding the video clips into the PPT slides without them being really jumpy or grainy depending on how much I dumbed them down to not fight with the video player. I also don't have a separate A/V manipulating software like Audacity to help trim the audio or video files. For instance my video clip for VLV had a couple seconds at the beginning where I started filming before my camera was above people's heads so al
  19. It took me a while, but I put together a little video (short film??) of mine and my daughter's pic's and videos from the concert. This started out as a PowerPoint presentation so I could share the pic's with my daughter's friend's parents in a cool way, and it grew into something much more involved. Props to my son and his friend for teaching me how to make videos in a software called Wondershare Filmora. It's kinda long (almost 20 minutes) but if you've got enough time and interest, please check it out!! @iamsue you're in it too!! ;) Hope you like it. Please share if you do. LOL EDIT
  20. About 47 for me, and my kids will definitely go again. They'll be 18 and 13. Scary!!!
  21. Our rickshaw ride was $40 plus tip. I've heard that each driver quotes whatever price they want based on the number of people and distance..... and maybe how gullible the riders look too. :) I'm sure I could have tried negotiating that before the ride but didn't want to with the kids there and he was the only driver in the area so I just went with it. Here's a short video and some pics from the ride.
  22. It's ironic this hurricane is named Harvey.....an homage to Phil perhaps? But seriously, I'm so sorry you guys are having to go through this. I'm a veteran of the Chicago/Soldier Field shows including the one that ended early last year. It was my daughter's first concert ever. I hope the reschedule gets worked out well for at least most of you. Sounds like that ship has already sailed for some. You have my best wishes. :)
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