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  1. On the Today show this morning, they said the CP crowd could get combined with spring breakers, which will make it even crazier. Just a warning.... :wtf: I'll be cheering for you guys if you decide to go for it. I'm just glad I don't have to make that decision for myself I'm too many states west of there to go. Hoping to live vicariously through you!
  2. Does anyone know if it's common for bands to play longer sets at a stadium show than they would for arenas? I'm hoping for two hours this time! :nice:
  3. Ha! That does sound a lot like me, except I barely knew they existed pre MX. I was more of a rock fan and my radio station didn't play them. Except for one fateful day they played Viva and I've never been the same! That hooked me. I had a lot of catching up to do on their old songs, hence the year of the obsession. :cheesy:
  4. I saw that too! Great way to pick your team! LOL :drinking:
  5. You guys watching from outside the US, can you see the commercials? If you didn't already know, that's the other thing a lot of people watch the Super bowl for. Companies spend millions of dollars on those ads because of all the viewers they get. Hope you enjoy them! My favorites are the funny ones.
  6. I might have missed something in this thread, but are we only assuming that Bey will perform her new "song" or is this confirmed? Still hoping she only dropped it to create hype, but might not perform it.
  7. This just in! My daughter heard me playing HFTW just now and excitedly said, "They're playing that on the Super bowl tonight. I heard it on the news!" I did my best to get more info from her on what exactly she heard, but the details were sketchy at best. She's only 8, loves this song and probably just heard what she wanted to hear. Probably not the most reliable source, but it gave me hope for a minute. :laugh4:
  8. I have a husband who can't be convinced. :cry: I basically drug him to my first Coldplay concert on the MX tour because my friends either (1) don't like CP, or at least not enough to go, (2) were unavailable, or (3) couldn't afford the tickets. He liked CP a little in the past, but I got obsessed with them in the year leading up to that show, and I pretty much turned him against them because he got tired of hearing about them. He sat like a lump at the concert and walked out half way through. :angry: I swore then I'd never go to another CP concert with him. This time one of my friends is
  9. Chicago July 23 & 24. Will be my 2nd time seeing them, but my kids' first. New generation fans! Ages 13 & 8. I'm a very proud mom. :-) Will be their first concert ever, like Chris says about why they put everything into their shows.
  10. Yes, unfortunately it's still a no-no here in the states, especially if it's broadcast on public tv or radio. There are FCC laws about swearing in public broadcast, but I don't think that press conference was public. If it was, the producer could get heat too for not censoring it. Thanks to Janet Jackson's wardrobe. malfunction a few years ago live broadcasts are usually on a 7 second delay
  11. QUOTE="Jedi Leo, post: 5798645, member: 32933"]I so fervently hope they will play Midnight. I'm just dying to see that light harp and the song is amazing Absolutely agree. I almost don't care what most of the set list is like as long as Midnight is in there.
  12. LOL - maybe send them their own music to listen to again. (just kidding, they'd probably refuse to listen to it as I know they don't listen to their own music for fun) :D I'm sort of in the middle. I'm a Coldplay late-bloomer because I was listening to other genres of music during their first few albums, like hard rock and classic rock, and the radio stations I listened to didn't exactly cater to Coldplay. Then one day like a miracle, my tried and true rock station played Viva la Vida and I was hooked for life. After that, I discovered their older classics like Yellow, Clocks, The Scien
  13. I completely agree. I was spellbound watching that and couldn't believe the nbc show didn't air that song
  14. Sparks A Whisper Twisted Logic Yes/Chinese Sleep Chant Up in Flames True Love - but this is the first CP album that I can easily listen to all the way through without wanting to skip any songs.
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