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  1. LET'S GO! This sounds so good! Let's hope the boys release this banga before it more or less gets leaked to oblivion.
  2. I realise that. Like obviously that is an old title (live in BA) but it has a new ID & first time it’s ever been here as far I know. It’s just weird but yes most likely just a delayed entry.
  3. So I know ASCAP isn't completely spot on all the time & maybe they are just late in adding this. But under Jonny's name they just added a 234th song "COLDPLAY: A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS". Possible this is just a placeholder name as the work ID is: 907662065 which is a newer ID when compared to tracks from EL (906145229, 906109177 etc). Seems odd doesn't it? I don't completely understand how ASCAP works. All I know is that I check it most days & today it went up 1 title.
  4. Just did an APRA search, it's there. I've never known about it.
  5. https://www.nme.com/news/music/coldplays-chris-martin-explains-inspiration-behind-new-tracks-orphans-arabesque-new-album-everyday-life-2560487#UQot3XeTQi1i9C3T.99 check out this for more inspiration behind the album
  6. https://www.nme.com/news/music/coldplays-chris-martin-explains-inspiration-behind-new-tracks-orphans-arabesque-new-album-everyday-life-2560487#UQot3XeTQi1i9C3T.99
  7. Just transcribed the majority of her recollection/view on the album. Check Discord/Coldplaying now tweeting about it.
  8. it aint aha. This is just another release
  9. This is a song from the AHFOD film. Nothing new atm :)
  10. most song releases are Friday these days. I think most likely Thursday night we get the poster/teaser and the single on Friday
  11. If there is a new song this week it will be a Friday release. Then they will perform it live next week.
  12. Kirboh the discord user had 'leaked' that the title of the album was Fool's Gold
  13. For those who aren't on discord. https://t.co/fjLI6eDIjB?amp=1
  15. Aha I don’t really mind. So much news flying around!
  16. NME just reiterate what the Star says but interesting they are endorsing the rumour. Also another uk radio host sharing material
  17. :( I posted that screenshot on Friday! Penny has been liking lots of stuff
  18. FYI GREG JAMES would not be posting this if he didn't know about new music coming soon. Tomorrow or next friday likely. Harry Styles also returns tomorrow. Greg James is the man Coldplay wrote a song for, for his breakfast show.
  19. Okay okay okay. the outfits are similar to Christmas lights aesthetic ! I’m loving this vibe! Classic not over the top!
  20. Im not sure on the site. But from what I've looked at- I think it was registered as an alternative pseudonym name to Los Unidades.
  21. Obviously we should take all this info with a huge grain of salt. But I have a question for you all. Does this look like someone with no inside access? https://www.instagram.com/cabootylicious/?hl=en
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