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  1. OK to begin with I'd like to say I'm a big fan of the evolving Coldplay and I think it helps them as friends and as a band stay healthy and happy with each other. Maybe this is because I became a big fan during the Mylo era or just cause I like fun music. Whatever the reason I love the changes. I would then like to say I love this album Listening to Ghost Stories for the first time left me unfulfilled and a little disappointed. I missed two or three tracks that just would have given the album more substance. I came to love Ghost Stories but I still feel this way about the album. However,
  2. Was anyone else completely shocked by the lyrics at first? I hated the song at first, I don't know now. I could definitely listen to it and I'd sing to it live but it's definitely not my favourite. But it's kinda fun and the tune is funky too
  3. Totally couldn't agree more. Coldplay is two steps in front of everyone all the time. Someone complained the other day there wasn't enough album build up, this seems like incredibly strong album build up to me, was I surprised? Yep. Disappointed, tiny bit. However, the fact they're back and talking very openly about a new album is so exciting
  4. Adelaide, South Australia! There's a nice shiny new stadium who'd love to host Coldplay! Last time they came here was for the Twisted Logic tour, 10 years seems long enough eh? Adelaide would love to see you soon
  5. Yellow. I couldn't stand it, or the band for that matter. Look at me now, refusing to go to a concert because I want my first concert to be a Coldplay one. Oh how foolish I was.
  6. Oh I can't wait for the EDM era to end. There are some quality songs but most of it is just rubbish, my opinion you can still like it if you want. Remember this is a band that will do whatever the hell they want to, not what everyone else wants them to. Chris has even said they don't care what anyone else thinks they're going to make the music they want to. I will still support them no matter what. I am looking forward to another big album and big tour though. :)
  7. Does anyone have that photo of the original plan for LP6? I've seen it once but I can't find it anymore.
  8. Ghost Stories just felt a bit empty. But I guess thats the point. Chris is feeling very empty at the moment. Once we get our next album be it an EP or an LP I think we'll get back the full on lyrics and lots of noise. In a good way. Complaints: - Lyrics were weak (again) - Didn't use full musical potential - To many synths for my liking - Wasn't any stand out anthems Album rating 7.5/10
  9. There were a couple of reasons why I said this. 1, I don't think we should overhype in case we're disappointed. 2, the last time Coldplay did an album similar to this it was Parachutes (in my opinion anyway) and there was a 2 year gap between Parachtues and AROBTTH. However there will probably be some sort of anthem filled EP or LP or whatever next year. Fingers Crossed ;)
  10. The last thing I think we are ever going to be able to do is pick the style for their next album. Every album (excluding X&Y sort of) is different in it's style. I wouldn't be worried about MX part 2 but remember that Coldplay are always learning. So if they decide to go back to something like that they'll do it even better.
  11. I think when they're record label said more commercial album they meant a bit more of a Coldplay album if that makes sense. GS was a great album but it was missing those big sounds. To me it would make sense if they released another album within the next 18 months. GS feels like it's just part of something bigger. Get ready for the big stadium anthems
  12. I think (judging by a leaked photo of the original plan for GS) we can probably be expecting LP7 in 2016. There were a lot of songs there (including Atlas and Ghost Story) that weren't on the finished album. I believe that the band were going for a fairly big album like Viva but they're mentality changed when Chris started separating with G.P. My prediction, expect a big LP7.
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