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  1. I need this red hot fire in my life asap
  2. Birds 9.5/10 Up&Up 9/10 AOAL 8.5/10 Everglow 8.5/10 Army of One 8/10 Fun 7.5/10 A Head Full of Dreams 7.5/10 Hymn for the Weekend 6.5/10 Amazing Day 6.5/10 X Marks the Spot 4/10 Although this isnt one of my favorite Coldplay albums, their music is far superior to most other artists. Somehow they give me some of my favorite songs album after album and I love them for that.
  3. Hey everyone! I've posted very little to nothing at all since I've been an official member but I feel like this is the time to branch out. I've been all over this forum the last several years and have thoroughly enjoyed everyone's opinions and getting to know everyone even if I've been hiding. Coldplay has definitely changed my life with their music. If I listen to viva or rush of blood in the right mood I can feel that magic that they once brought. They changed my life. This band owes me nothing more and I'm forever thankful that they brought this music in to my life. Whatever they wish to pr
  4. A sky full of stars was my favorite song from Ghost Stories but I was always hopeful that they would release another version that was acoustic or more stripped down like these covers. I really like the original but a calmer version would be awesome, especially for those that didn't like the released version. Now that the Ghost Stories era is coming to a close im not sure if ill ever hear that from them..
  5. mlines94

    Ink - your review

    Ink- Awesome upbeat song to change the pace on the album with a super catchy guitar. Its very modern in its approach with a hint of the magic that Coldplay produces. The final minute ends the song in a great manner making it one of the gems of Ghost Stories. 9.5/10.
  6. 1) X & Y 2) Viva La Vida 3) Rush of Blood 4) Ghost Stories 5) MX 6) Parachutes
  7. I love how light-hearted ink is. Its kind of mellow but also up-beat at the same time. It just leaves you in a good mood
  8. 1) Ink 2) O 3) A Sky Full of Stars 4) Magic 5) Always in my Head 6) True Love 7) Midnight 8) Another's Arms 9) Oceans Love them all though!
  9. Love the track. Love the diversity of Coldplay. They give everyone something to like and you cant knock them for that.
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