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  1. Oh that's very nice to hear! Thank you so much for the info!☺️
  2. I imagine there will be tour dates in Asia and Australia coming up in the future, but the European leg seems very limited. I really hope Europe gets more countries. It is a little frustrating not knowing if they would come any closer or not. I don't want to miss this tour, but the nearest stops are pretty far away. It's a little odd seeing Northern parts of Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) excluded entirely, and some larger places like Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria are completely missing too.
  3. My take on the entire album: I have listened to the album three times now from start to finish, and some songs on their own a lot more. I have listened to the songs as soon as they have come out / been played live, so my hype for the album wasn’t the biggest. I feel like Everyday Life was very well made overall, and it was to be expected that Coldplay would go into a more heavily produced and pop-oriented direction with this record. I think the artwork of the album has been pretty fitting to the sound of this album and looks great. I think that using emojis as some of the song names was a
  4. This is a pretty hard one, the band has so many hits and popular songs to include. I feel like they will utilize the same kind of overall structure as in AHFOD tour, since that seemed pretty balanced and liked overall. A good mix of main stage and side stages. This is my prediction for the setlist: A-stage (Music Of The Spheres as intro when band walks to stage) Higher Power (Fireworks) Clocks Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (Confetti) Adventure of a Lifetime The Scientist Paradise Humankind B-stage (Alien Choir on the background during t
  5. Yeah there's a show tonight in London, apparently it will be filmed as well. Where did you hear from the gig on Wednesday though? Haven't heard anything about that one.
  6. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but Chris said that they'll play "about seven little performances" during this album cycle/"tour" (source at 16:20) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubVO1C8-xrc:980 Any ideas of what shows count or if there are rumours about new shows coming up? Do you guys think the shows at SNL (November 2nd), Graham Norton show (December 13th) count? Or if the broadcasts on November 22nd coun as one, two or at all? Jordan's show on November 23rd and Today's show in London for sure must count. Still having my hopes up for a possibility of seeing them on this tour
  7. Hope that everyone who were lucky enough to get in has fun. One of the most unique venues they've played for sure. Any people from here attending? Is it true that someone from here got a ticket today? :eek: Anyways will be interesting to see if they'll change up the setlist. Life In Technicolor or LIT(ii) would be kinda fitting right, as it Life In Technicolor was on Night at the Museum 2. Cemeteries of London would fit as well. I think Politik and Death and All His Friends would be so fitting for this era too, I really hope they'd play those but probably not.
  8. Sparks!!! [MEDIA=twitter]1198342530066190336[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplaymedios/status/1198342530066190336?s=21
  9. Easily my favourite song of the three. Very beautiful, might be in my top 5 favourite Coldplay songs. Sounds pretty timeless to me, the lyrics pretty emotional and touching imo, especially "Am I the future or the history" and "Everyone tells each other all kinds of lies" fit so well. A solid album closer, I think this works well even without a massive buildup. After Ghost Stories we haven't really gotten one of these more mellow/gloomy type songs, and I've really missed hearing this type of Coldplay. I tend to enjoy sadder Coldplay songs more than the upbeat stuff, so I'm very proud and happy
  10. Well, wasn't expecting them to sound like that. Well, I feel like I say that every time Coldplay puts out something new. A little weird that they are two short albums, seems more like a marketing strategy unless the two albums turn out to be sonically very different. Orphans: Quite tribal-like feeling to the drum beat and the glass-type sounding loops bring me a HFTW vibe, the overall sound brings me an African vibe. Guys bassline sounds so sweet. And I loooooove the chorus, it's very catchy and the vocal stacks sound amazing. Very solid performance from Chris, but man Will's backing vocals
  11. I don't know if somebody has already brought this up, but how funny would it be if this old jokelike song "I Am Your Baby's Daddy" they made would turn out to be "Daddy" :joy:
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