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  1. hi listen to my new song "An Open Book" from my album "Vanish" and share the song please, if you can :) i worte the lyrics alone and i made the song on my own Thank you so much Link:
  2. Coldplay will perform tonight only with the new single? Not more songs?
  3. Wait. I don't understand. Coldplay will perform on Friday?
  4. Hi! Very soon I'll upload the strings of the song "Amazing Day" of Coldplay that I made. Stay tuned!
  5. Where can I watch the live stream of the Global Citizens Festival 2015?
  6. LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams" So Coldplay will preform with new songs!! I'm sure! They with new clothes of the new album!
  7. 1. LP7 2. X&Y 3. In My place 4. Paradise 5. LP7 6. Yellow 7. White Shadows 8. 'Til Kingdom Come 9. Trouble (Acoustic Version) 10. Clocks 11. LP7 12. Lost! 13. Charlie Brown 14. The Scientist 15. Square One 16. LP7 17. A Rush Of Blood To The Head 18. Viva La Vida 19. LP7 20. Magic 21. A Sky Full Of Stars 22. Swallowed In The Sea
  8. Hi friends At this moment I am working on instrumental cover of the song "All Your Friends" from the "Ghost Stories" album. Here is a glimpse of the cover version, full version is: very soon! Link to the glimpse: https://soundcloud.com/aviv_shalom/all-your-friends-instrumental-cover-version-glimpse
  9. Does anyone knows what the synthesizer of song "All your friends"? Thanks
  10. When Songs For Experience will going to release?
  11. Swallowed In The Sea Or Speed Of Sound
  12. But you can upload pieces you did on LOGIC PRO X? Would love to hear
  13. you have the pads/strings/synth of other songs of X&Y album?
  14. I want to hear Blasphemy Fury And everything was in the list of Zero Theory
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