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What's with CD burners?


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Hey, I am like the only person left here (probably) who doesn't have a CD burner, but I am getting one installed soon and I was wondering how the whole burning thing works, do you burn MP3's onto CD to play for non-computer use? Can you play DVD's on it?


Ta! :)

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you can't play DVD's on standard CD burners, but you can on DVD/CD-R combo drives, which are like a combination of a DVD ROM and a CD burner (but these are more expensive).


You can store either data on them (documents, programs etc.), or you can make an audio CD. You can make an audio CD from either audio files (MP3, WAV, WMA) or by copying tracks directly from another audio CD. These audio CD's can be played on any home stereo or in your PC.


Also, you can put the MP3 files on the CD as files rather than audio tracks, and have hundreds of them on a single CD (it's called an MP3 CD). But you can only play these on your computer and a select few stereos.


Hope that helps.

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^ Yes, thankyou, now I understand all the hoofla about it!


Now, I know about DVD players and such but what is this All Region thing about? I am planning to get a DVD from overseas, where it will be made, USA to Australia, and I don't know whether it will play or not. What kind of DVD do I need to play the All Region DVD's?

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