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So what do you prefer?

Starla Stargazer :D

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haha..yeah the ligntning struck our a/c unit last Friday. :/ I'm in Oklahoma, and it was high 90's, add the heat index thingy, and it felt like 100! :stunned: We had the a/c man fix us up, bless his soul. :kiss:


Yeah we tried to rough it, all of our family offered for us to stay with them, but we thought we could handle it.. we opted for the RV when we couldn't stand it any longer. :cool:

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There's actually a shot of the tiny town where my parents live in Signs. Boring tidbit for you all. :P


So what is the humidity like in Oklahoma? When it gets hot here the humidity is always really high and you start sweating just from walking up the stairs. :rolleyes:


But I have no AC here. Just lots of fans. :angry:

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Guest LiquidSky
Out of the two, what type are you?


Are you one of those who loves the comforts of the a/c, t.v., and all other electrical appliances at your fingertips so much that anything else is unacceptable?




Are you the type who can rough it in the outdoors..say campfires, sleeping by moonlight, tents, and using the woods as your toilet? :/


I'm interested to know! :D


both... who doesn't like the a/c or tv or any other electrical things? but I also like going outside...play, run, campfires and all that stuff.. :D :cool:

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