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I'm so extredimely happy.....!


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though the reason is pretty stupid........ :lol:


There is a country called Swaziland, it's right next to South Africa, but it's not Lesotho (the one which is inside South Africa), and there, Swaziland, you have a very famous school, which belongs or is a member of the U.W.C Foundation, which probably most of you do not know it.


The things is, I LOVE Africa and I want to study there, at that particular school.... and you can only apply by your National Comitté. They said they do not send people to Africa, because they've never received a vacancy, so I contacted them personally and they are sending one! :D


I said it was maybe silly, or it doesn't sound exciting for you, but what I wanted was an opportunity, and I've got it! :D

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