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From this weeks NME


Coldplay are rumored to be returning to the UK in september. The news fuels speculation that by then the band will be ready to mix their third album, currently being recorded in New York. Chris Martin and co flew out to the Big Apple with producer Ken Nelson at the beginning of July to record songs for the follow up to a rush of blood to the head, which is set for release at the start of 2005. It`s their third studio session after demoting the album in Chicago and recording in London earlier this year


Grrr why Chris Martin and Co :rolleyes:

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hahah this' will be like the 598349859438 time i've told this board...but it's crooked because i grew too fast, so now im badly knock-kneed and it hurts for me to walk. and last night i saw you can actually see how crooked it is from the outside. my ankle has a 13* angle. there sa ahuge gap when i try to walk regularly between my leg bone and foot.

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