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wanna know what's weird?


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when your dad walks in the door and says, "Amanda! What is your sister doing on the roof of the garage?!"


so as interesting as this sounds i walk upstairs and into my room where the window leads out to the roof. i look out the window and there's Mindy, sitting on the roof reading a book, wearing my big sweater to keep her warm.

what an odd sight.


so, she tells me to come out and i do. i was kinda freaked because i'm really not a fan of hights when i have nothing to keep me from falling. but we sat there for a few mintues until i went inside since i was a little cold.


and there ends the weird part of my day.

just wanted to share. anyone else randomly go onto their roof?

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I have a couple times. I have to climb onto our next door neighbor's roof from our third floor deck and then hop over to our roof, which is higher.


It's nice up there. You can even see the Philly skyline from up there (normally I'd have to walk like... all the way around the corner if I wanted to see it :rolleyes: ) but you get a lot of tar and stuff on your bum if you sit down on it. :P

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I used to do that when I was little..... I mean, much younger than now (that sounds like If I was old!), but now, I've discovered the virtues of the grass, trees, leaves, earth, water, pillows....... anything! I read everywhere :lol:


I remember once there was a protest and this "Green group" went to protest to the house the Manager of a bg, filthy, company in the town...... and they suddenly started to march outside his house with panflets and things like that, and the manager comes out and tells why didn't they ask permission (because they were on his garden now, and here If you are outside and you think or feel you're being threatened, you can shoot people and that kind of that) and they sudeenly tell him like, you wanted us to ask you If we could hang a thing saying MURDER on your roof?

Of course, he says!


I swear you I haven't heard a funnier thing....... it was so like..... funny! (well, I don't know about you, but our sense of humour -general- it's very like...... big!

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