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Guest DavidG

my friend Emma sent me this..


whadda ya think?




It's called "Pokémon After Dark" and it's funny as hell sometimes.


Oak: Well, I suppose so. After all he can solve complex logic problems and communicate using abstract concepts.


Ash: So doesn't that make him my slave?


Oak: Well...I...suppose...


Ash: Hahaha! Fear me slave! Do your exalted master's dark bidding!


Pikachu: (shocks the bejesus out of Ash)


Ash: Some slave...can I just beat him with a stick when he misbehaves?


Oak: No Ash. That would be wrong.


Ash: But making him battle other sentient beings in a bloody battle to the death wouldn't be, Professor?


Oak: It sure wouldn't be.


Ash: Kick ass! Let's go Pikachu. (tries to get Pikachu in the poké ball)

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Pikachu: Pika pika! (You shall pay for the sins of mankind with your Blood.)


Ash: Pikachu what the hell is the matter with you?! Why would you say that?


Misty: Ewww, it's sticky and gooey!


Ash: I got something sticky and gooey for yah!


Misty: Gross!


Pikachu: Pika! (The unholy wrath of demon shall consume your Flesh.)


Misty: Ash, what did he just say to me?


Ash: You don't want to know...


Suddenly a caterpie appears.


Caterpie: {Random bug noises}


Ash: Yes! Another to force my eternal will upon! Pikachu, attack!


Pikachu: Pika! (One thousand ghosts shall awaken to the destruction of your Soul.)


Ash: Umm, just weaken it ok? Don't annihilate it.


Pikachu shocks Caterpie and Ash captures it.


Ash: Hooray! I got a caterpie!


Pikachu: Pika pika! (Soon the wrath of SaTaN shall consume us all!)



really funny, indeed

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