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What is a falsetto?


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Hi there! I'm new on this site, but I've already read some of the topics and you all look very sympathic!


I just wanted to know one thing: What is a falsetto? I read a lot of those times (mainly about Chris) and I guess it is something with the voice!


Hope this question has already been asked...

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Ask any man to speak in a woman's voice, and 9 times out of 10 they will use falsetto. It's another register of a man's voice which allows him to speak and sing in a higher pitch... think Justin Hawkins of The Darkness.


Chris Martin uses falsetto a lot. Just a few examples:-


"yeah we do, yeah we do" in Don't Panic

"nobody said it was easy" in The Scientist

"I know that everything's not lost" in Everything's Not Lost

"so I crawl back into your open arms" in Warning Sign


Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke are two other good examples of singers who use falsetto often.

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Skinned Alive ^^ that's a very precise answer, i like it.

and even though i can't add to it really.., but 'inlovewithlondon', here is something you can try. Try singing a note you can sing with some comfort; and then bend your voice higher, and you'll notice there's a point where just air and no tones seem to be coming out...well, when you reach that point, everything higher is falsetto

:cool4: <--That's Skinned Alive

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hey! thank you all guys for those answers! i thought it was some kind of that thing because i read it in articles about thom yorke and chris! i tried and accely it's quite easy!!


by the way i'm just realising on thing: if anyone saw the film "amadeus" then you must have noticed that the guy who is playing mozart has a great falsetto wehen he laughs .... :) but that was just like a little anecdote...

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