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Favorites Thread!!


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a goober? That's new to me :lol: :lol: I have no idea whether that's a good thing but erm...thanks I suppose :lol: :dizzy2:


I like dark/mousy brown hair, kinda long and scruffy but not longer than 5 inches :wink3:


Favourite celebrity eyes? :lol:

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hehe.... 5" eh? I'm more of a 6.5" myself..... :lol: :lol:


A goober is a term of enderment.... It's actually a candy, a chocolate covered peanut. But it means your silly but sweet!


Oh, good question. If it's a guy's, then definatly Johnny Depp.... damn that man is HOT!! A female's, I like Angela Jolee's...


Favorite tv show?

mine... Carnivale on HBO

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:lol: :lol: ah you learn something new everyday :idea2: :lol:

hmmm fav tv show....erm...probably will and grace :lol: :P I love it! Jack is hilarious but Karen is probably the best character ever! :lol:


Favourite month?

December for me because my b-day and christmas :blush:

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