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I had it once, and once only, i had one shot then about 15 mins later i was spewing my guts up, it was horrible. I dont remember the taste cos i was already drunk when i had it, i just remeber it was green and made me even drunker than i was and i was sooooo ill the next day, i though my head was gonna fall off!! Never again! :(

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I had it once.. and I thought it was great.... it was bit like being high and drunk at the same time.. but more like a non sluggish drunken state... It did taste a bit 'nasty' but you're suppose to drink it with sugar to help it go down...




and yes.. its illegal in the US as well... an old aquaintance smuggled some back in to the country from Prague... :wink3:

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It'll put hair on your chest... and if you don't like the taste it's pretty good for removing varnish and stripping paint!!!




OH MY GOD!! And I drank this stuff!!! :stunned: I wonder what my insides look like... no worse I imagine, after years of drinking 'Hawaiian Punch' from a can... that stuff stains your counter tops!!!




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