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The Prodigal son, ok, well Annoying One Returns - PS Hey

Guest DavidG

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First Off, I need to take a moment for Daryl!


Daryl dude, I know you dislike me, but hey mate, that's something that you've gotta deal with, I'm not a bad guy but hey, if you can't see that, well then its cool, and I respect your opinion! I'm not on here for long, came home, and I've got no beef with you, and I hope at least, if nothing else, we can respect each others existance without whining! I can be a drama queen from time to time though, that for sure... ;)


"oh the pain, the pain, the pain of it all"


As for everyone else, Im loving the fact that you all took the time to say hey and welcome me back! You guys are all really great...I'll be to-ing and fro-ing so i'll get on as much as poss!


as for Ali/Oli Scenario...well...freaky :P



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Guest LiquidSky
You still didn't answer my question.... :rolleyes:


no its not about you.. :rolleyes:


Good! :nice:


so how are you David? :D

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