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The Prodigal son, ok, well Annoying One Returns - PS Hey

Guest DavidG

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you still working the sex bomb act?

Always :kiss:


man, seriously, try to get online more often.. coz i dont have time anymore..im always studying or ill ...fuck! haha :lol:


buddy, i would but I dont have the Net at Uni, except in the buildings and i get no time in there...and my proper home (not uni home) where I have net, is a good 100 miles away :lol:

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Guest LiquidSky
*clears throat*


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, happy and sad, and well, moody little people (to you...I go :P )


Mr D to the A to the V to the I to the D ( yeah you figured right) is here to say hello to all the lovely people on the boards! I am back home for the weekend, Uni is being a pain in the ass but I'm getting buy (all the pretty girls have gone *sniff*). Hows everyone doing!


Glad to see the main people are still in their yard! Im around for a couple of days, so enjoy abusing, or speaking to me while you can ;)


Holla if you hear me and all that stuff!


PS. Jack, dont go, the world needs happy people!

oh, and Chelsea for the Championship! Wooooooooooo


PS PS. I can already hear the growns of some angry people...haha....love it..love it! :D :P


When you said "Enjoy abusing"...you weren't talking about me, right? :stunned:

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