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anyone seen this movie? i had high expectations, but was admittedly a bit disappointed about half an hour into it, then it totally picked up pace and there are all these crazy twists, and the BIGGEST twist is saved for the end! which isn't an overly happy one i might add :confused:


i recommend this! :) :cool:

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Yeah I liked it too.


I wasn't gunna watch it but I work in a cinema and hundreds and hundreds of people were buying tickets for it so I decided to see what all the fuss was about.


It was a bit gory though...had to keep hiding behind my coat :rolleyes:. Good twist though.


The guy who played Adam was pretty cute too :P




Oh and this was just tooooooooooo freaky...imagine if that was you :/



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ten people opening night vomitted in the theatre. more have upchucked since, but not in as high numbers -- thus giving me just about all the reasoning i need NOT to see this movie


it wasn't THAT bad....


not to the ten people who vomited it wasn't. heh.


a few of my friends who have seen it though do agree with you. people are just hearing word-of-mouth that it is insane visuals and it is really not that bad apparently.

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