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Birth - new movie with Nicole Kidman

sweet marianne

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Ok, so I watched it and I thought it was a pretty good movie. Perhaps a little bit disturbing, but it was filmed differently than most movies. More dialogue... pretty good plot... they really enfocused on people a lot.. especially on Kidman and her emotions..

good movie to watch on Halloween. :D :P


the little boy kinda freaked me out. i mean, (hypothetically) if that really happened to me in real life, i would tell him to stay away from me. :lol:

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I didn't really feel like walking out, although I can understand why someone would.. I guess since I saw this thread earlier, I was kind of expecting something kind of innapropriate to happen.. but it wasn't horrible. It went along with the entire theme of the movie soo... I'm sure people's reactions were to this one specific scene.. it was kind of suspensful/a shocker.

I would say watch it if you want to see something different for a change.

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