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Crazy Poetry

Guest DavidG

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Split Personality


He's a she because she's obsessional

She likes him because he's professional.

In the end they're all so sensational

But the both of them interracial.


In one body two have lived,

When you talk they are sensitive.

It is crazy, I know it seems

Hear the man and know what I mean.


“Flowing wind waves drifting away,

Somehow today is my best day.

evil making its own infliction

Rolling silently to addiction.

I enjoy falling in the sky.

I don't like falling for a guy.

Seems the world's getting so insane.

I'm not Kate, that's not my name.”


You think that person's pretty weird,

The woman's everything you feared.

She's so bossy, sassy senseless.

She also leaves herself defenseless.


“Get out of there, why's my underwear?

A gentleman size with some space for a prize?

Why you staring for all that I do,

Haven't seen a girl, screw you.

At any rate, I am Kate.

If anyone calls me Bob, him I'll castrate.

For him I'll do a Bar mitzvah,

And toss his foreskin ever so far.”


Surely we don't want to know,

What we heard, and so let's go.

This crazy and should be unheard.

I'd much prefer listening to a bird.


by infernojo

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This Thread is my property, I talk cockily

Get up off of me cause I steam your a__ like broccoli,

You try to copy me cause you're jealous and mad at me,

I look good with oversized brain capacity,

I don't blame you, don't hate this future hall of famer,

Hate that in any given second I can re-arrange ya,

Hate that my name spells danger,

Hate that I hate ya, hate that you're a pawn and I'm a player,

Lyrical principal, schools out I dismissed ya,

You're all a bunch of trash go and sleep with your sista!

Word Life! :cool: :lol:

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