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Posh has finally quit - it's time to celebrate!!


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Hurrah! At long bloody last!! Posh Spice has finally done something good - she's quit!! A victory for C.A.M.P., methinks!!


Posh Spice calls it quits for singing


UPI - Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 3:32:44 PM EST


LONDON, Nov. 23 (UPI) -- Victoria Beckham, formerly Posh Spice with the Spice Girls, has decided to stop pursuing a solo singing career after several failed attempts.


Beckham, the wife of soccer star David Beckham, announced her retirement from the music industry Monday, Britain's Daily Mail reported Tuesday.


"The music industry is not what it was," said the 30-year-old Beckham. "It seems to me that people will readily accept me dedicating myself to fashion. I know that I could never become the best singer in the world. I am conscious of that. However, everything to do with fashion comes naturally to me."


Beckham recently launched her own fashion label, DVB, and is set to design jeans for fashion company Rock and Republic and bags for the Samantha Thavasa label.


The only Spice Girl not to have a No. 1 solo record, Beckham lives in Spain where her husband plays for the Real Madrid.


The mother of two is expecting her third child in March.

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I allways like that "i wanna wannna i wanna wanna really really really wahhh" or something like that where they are doing backflips.


*That was the high point of their career!! It was all downhill after that!! :lol:

Yeah but it was groovy. :cool:

something like if you wanna be my lover ,you gonna have to be my friend...

soooo groovy.

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