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Dropping out of University.....

Sweet One

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it is! try it!


I don't have time to sleep. I"m going to school in 4 hours to work on a project. Yup, i'm spending the night at school. :lol:


Danielle isn't funny to you, but it's funny to me. :D


oh well i do have time, NOW! :cool:

have fun at school :sneaky:

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Why did she do that Laura ?


She just wasn't "feeling it"...that was her exact way to describe it. :rolleyes:


Dropping out of university is a really stupid idea. You've invested so much money in it. How far along was she?


She was in 2nd year.


and Kyra NO!!! you can do it!! i know you can!

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i've invested no money in my schooling. i might drop out before next semester and go to a school i prefer :confused: :snore:


i have no problem with people sitting on the couch all day and watching tv. just as long as they're not the ones supporting me :P

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