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milk teeth? AL MARTIN......


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i know that this is also a bit coldplay topic, but.... cant help myself....:) has anyone heard anything about chris martins brother al? i heard somewhere that al martin is a drummer in a band named MILK TEETH and that they are pretty good... actually, they played at glastonbury( i dont know if i spelled it wright...not so good at english.. :( ) festival this year.. so i wondered if someone knows something more.... cause im really interested.... thanx ;) keep coldplaying !!

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i just visited that site about chris bro.... but bio don´t work :confused:

anywys the pic of chris that was posted on new photos, was another brother younger, called robert (17-18 years old) and i think this one Al (albert¿?) must be older.

the oldest is chris, then have a sister, this brother Al, Robert and the little sister... 13 years oldi think is called nicole or angela, i´m not sure.

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i found it when i saw a pic of chris with his lil brother and sister' date=' on new photos thread. anyways a friend told me about a forum site of gwyn, so i check it, and the members there said this. ;)[/quote'] :smart: hm.... that new photos thread is on coldplaying site...? oh, im really sorry for bugging you.... but i just cant help myself..... :bucktooth:
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