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Second-hand/Vintage shops in London


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Does anyone know of any good (and not overly expensive :smug: ) second-hand shops in London? I'm going to London for a few days next week and want to know where there are some nice second-hand shops. Or if you know of any good shops, just tell me please, it doesn't have to be second-hand, just a cool shop away from Oxford Street.


Second, and perhaps more importantly: I absolutely love the shoes Guy wears in the Live 2003 DVD (I hope you know which ones I'm talking about. They kinda look like Converse All-Stars. If you don't know which ones I'm aiming at; in that scene when the guys are in the studio at BBC1 and they're playing GPASUYF (introduced "in the best DJ way you can"), there's one shot with Guy keeping time with his feet in close up: THOSE shoes). Now I'm kinda desperate to find them, even to the point where I don't want any other shoes. But they must be pretty f'ckin hard to find so does ANYone know where to get them?


I'd be very grateful if anyone could help me out :)

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