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J.Lo's new video- 'Get Right'


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ok ok... before I get pelted with rocks and tomatoes... just hear me out!! lol


So I stayed home today, day off.. and I happened to stumble upon VH1.. and there it was... J.Ho's new video.... it only caught my attention because she was trying to act again in the beginning of the video... So I watched it.. saw that she is trying sooooooooooo hard to prove something this time around.. I mean the album's called 'Rebirth'..! Anyhoo, she plays every single character in the video.... at first I think, oh cool.. then I think.. is she that full of herself?? Overall.. it was an ok video.. anyone seen it? Thoughts...?




yea yea, I admit I own all of her albums.. even the 'remix' one... :embarrased: *covers face*

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I saw bits of it on... Extra I think. She plays a couple of different characters in the videos. One being a wallflower kind of person, sits in the corner with glasses, nerdy, Jennifer said that other people were saying that that character was most like her personality. Right....


If I ever see one video where she isn't showing off her ass, hell will freeze over.

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