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The Official 'American Idol' season 4 Thread


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Constantine. Ha. He's gonna go sooner or later.. I love when he finishes his song and then they have to stand there while the phone number pops up and he makes this gesture as to say " Hey, call me baby "


I like Anthony, but I don't think he'll win the whole thing. He at least sings songs that are different than the other contestants.


And then that chic last episode with the weird horse hair.. woah. A little too eighties for me..

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I don't care for him.


Ok I will go over my opinion of people so far:


Anthony Federov - Dont like him, he needs to go.

Anwar Robinson - He is alright...but I dont think they will pick a black person this time.

Bo Bice - good

Carrie Underwood - I think she will win.

Constantine Maroulis - good

Jessica Sierra - too country

Nadia Turner - Really like her, but again with the black comment

Nikko Smith - Dont care for him at all.

Scott Savol - Good guy.

Vonzell Solomon - Like her too.

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